Ocean in a Drop Residential Program for Facilitators by TISS Mumbai and Pravah [April 8-14]: Apply by April 2: Expired

Ocean in a Drop Residential ProgramTISS, Mumbai in collaboration with PRAVAH, Delhi is organizing a 7-day Residential Program- Ocean in a Drop during April 8-14. Apply by April 2.

About the Program:

This programme seeks to build a community of youth facilitators who can nurture young people at the level of self, relationships and engagement with society.
While all youth programs in the country and even internationally are very deeply focused on training and developing, the idea of seeing this work through the lens of a 5th space that can empower the way of approaching young people. This space gives important recognition and voice to the “how” of working with building effective rights-based partnerships with young people.


The residential program focuses on the 4 thematics to build capacities of a person who engages with young people. The thematics are as follows:

  1. Understanding Youth Development: Develop, lead, and implement strategies for deepening your intervention(s) and your organization’s engagement with young people by processing real-life challenges that you are facing.
  2. Developing Design and Facilitation Skills: Design and facilitate high impact interventions.
  3. Building the capacity of Systemic Thinking: Enhance organizational effectiveness by applying systems thinking to your real-world challenge.
  4. Deep Dive into Self Awareness: Take a deep dive within yourself to understand who you are and what are your fears.
Who should attend?

Development professionals, Students, CSR, HR, Teachers, Corporates, Social Workers, those interested in working with Youth, NGO, School Administrators, Educators, Counsellors, Volunteers, Individuals etc.

Key program takeaways:
  • Develop, lead and implement strategies for deepening the organization’s engagement with young people by processing real-life challenges you are facing.
  • Design and facilitate high impact interventions using creative methodologies including cross-border exposures, self-exploratory psychological tools, and stimulating experiences.
  • Work with your hands and use creative methodologies such as theatre, music, dance, and films.
  • Be mentored by and learn with experienced facilitators and participants in the field of youth leadership.

8th April to 14th April 2019.

Fee for Participants:
  • Rs. 23,600 (including GST).
  • Accommodation will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis.
How to Apply?

Click here to apply.


April 2.

  • Ms.Veena Shinde: veena.shinde@tiss.edu,022-25525682.
  • Mr.Ritesh Vaity:ritesh.vaity@tiss.edu, 022-25525682.
For more information, click here.

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