Online Training on Artificial Intelligence by NPTI [Oct 5-23]: Registrations Open

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National Power Training Institute (NPTI), an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 organization under Ministry of Power, Govt. of India is conducting an online training programme on Artificial Intelligence from Oct 5-23, 2020.

Target audience

Engineers/Academicians/Research Scholars/Students

Training Schedule

Mon / 05.10.2020: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, History, Applications, Statistic essentials, Statistic essentials, preprogram preparation
Tues / 06.10.2020:  Introduction to python programming, Control flow, Functions, Data structures, Modules and packages
Wed / 07.10.2020 File input and output, Exception handling, Standard library
Thurs / 08.10.2020: Introduction to machine learning, Supervised algorithm for AI problem, Supervised algorithm for AI problem
Fri / 09.10.2020:  Supervised algorithm for AI problem, Introduction to OPEN-CV, Library and packages to use for image and video processing
Sat / 10.10.2020 & Sun / 11.10.2020: Weekly Off
Mon / 12.10.2020:  Concept of image segmentation in AI, Introduction to NLP(nltk), Text mining using NLP, Text mining processes tokenizer
Tues / 13.10.2020: Text mining processes (stemming, lemmatization, pos, syntax, chunking etc), Use of ML and NLP for solving problem, How Deep Learning Works?
Wed / 14.10.2020:  How Neural Network works?, Understanding various components of Neural Networks., Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow – Installation, Introduction to Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow., Functionalities of Tensor flow, Single and multi-layer perceptron, Pros
and cons of single and multi-layer perceptron
Thurs / 15.10.2020 Training using back propagation. Convolution Neural Network.
Fri / 16.10.2020 Convolution Neural Network, Use of OPEN-CV with deep learning.
Sat / 17.10.2020 & Sun / 18.10.2020: Weekly Off
Mon / 19.10.2020: Introduction to reinforcement learning, Q-Learning, case study Uber Autonomous car
Tues / 20.10.2020: Case study Uber Autonomous car, Google road map using BFS and DFS, case study.
Wed / 21.10.2020: Introduction to Robotics, Parts of a robot, Actuator design and components, Introduction to Raspberry-pi, Installation of Raspbian, Input and Output programming using python, Sensor Interfacing using python.
Thurs / 22.10.2020: Integrating AI features with Raspberry-PI. Integrating AI robot using IOT, Applications object segmentation, object recognition.
Fri / 23.10.2020:  Applications sentimental analysis, chatbot, Real time objects detection using AI robot, counselling taking robot design.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Mode of Training

Online, via Google Meet.
Meeting ID, Password Will be sent to Registered Participants before the commencement of Program.
After successful completion of training, an e-certificate will be awarded to Participants.


Register online via this link.
Registration Fees for Engineers and Students: Rs. 6,000/- Per Participant + Rs.1080/- (18% GST) = Rs. 7080/-.


Sh. S.Prakash, Asst Director, Course Coordinator
Email: prakash.npti@gov.in, hltc.prakash@gmail.com Mobile: 9964560111
For the official brochure, click the link below.

NPTI Training on Artificial Intelligence


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