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Online Training on Artificial Intelligence by NPTI [Oct 5-23]: Registrations Open

Online Training on Artificial Intelligence by NPTI [Oct 5-23]: Registrations Open - Noticebard

NPTI online Training Artificial Intelligence
NPTI online Training Artificial Intelligence

National Power Training Institute (NPTI), an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 organization under Ministry of Power, Govt. of India is conducting an online training programme on Artificial Intelligence from Oct 5-23, 2020.

Target audience

Engineers/Academicians/Research Scholars/Students

Training Schedule

Mon / 05.10.2020: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, History, Applications, Statistic essentials, Statistic essentials, preprogram preparation
Tues / 06.10.2020:  Introduction to python programming, Control flow, Functions, Data structures, Modules and packages
Wed / 07.10.2020 File input and output, Exception handling, Standard library
Thurs / 08.10.2020: Introduction to machine learning, Supervised algorithm for AI problem, Supervised algorithm for AI problem
Fri / 09.10.2020:  Supervised algorithm for AI problem, Introduction to OPEN-CV, Library and packages to use for image and video processing
Sat / 10.10.2020 & Sun / 11.10.2020: Weekly Off
Mon / 12.10.2020:  Concept of image segmentation in AI, Introduction to NLP(nltk), Text mining using NLP, Text mining processes tokenizer
Tues / 13.10.2020: Text mining processes (stemming, lemmatization, pos, syntax, chunking etc), Use of ML and NLP for solving problem, How Deep Learning Works?
Wed / 14.10.2020:  How Neural Network works?, Understanding various components of Neural Networks., Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow – Installation, Introduction to Keras, Theano, Tensor Flow., Functionalities of Tensor flow, Single and multi-layer perceptron, Pros
and cons of single and multi-layer perceptron
Thurs / 15.10.2020 Training using back propagation. Convolution Neural Network.
Fri / 16.10.2020 Convolution Neural Network, Use of OPEN-CV with deep learning.
Sat / 17.10.2020 & Sun / 18.10.2020: Weekly Off
Mon / 19.10.2020: Introduction to reinforcement learning, Q-Learning, case study Uber Autonomous car
Tues / 20.10.2020: Case study Uber Autonomous car, Google road map using BFS and DFS, case study.
Wed / 21.10.2020: Introduction to Robotics, Parts of a robot, Actuator design and components, Introduction to Raspberry-pi, Installation of Raspbian, Input and Output programming using python, Sensor Interfacing using python.
Thurs / 22.10.2020: Integrating AI features with Raspberry-PI. Integrating AI robot using IOT, Applications object segmentation, object recognition.
Fri / 23.10.2020:  Applications sentimental analysis, chatbot, Real time objects detection using AI robot, counselling taking robot design.

Mode of Training

Online, via Google Meet.
Meeting ID, Password Will be sent to Registered Participants before the commencement of Program.
After successful completion of training, an e-certificate will be awarded to Participants.


Register online via this link.
Registration Fees for Engineers and Students: Rs. 6,000/- Per Participant + Rs.1080/- (18% GST) = Rs. 7080/-.


Sh. S.Prakash, Asst Director, Course Coordinator
Email:, Mobile: 9964560111
For the official brochure, click the link below.

NPTI Training on Artificial Intelligence


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