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We are Hiring: 5 Positions Across Business Leadership, Content, SEO, Sales, Marketing, Graphic Designer & Videographer: Apply by June 30; Early Applications Encouraged

We are Hiring: 5 Positions Across Business Leadership, Content, SEO, Sales, Marketing, Graphic Designer & Videographer: Apply by June 30; Early Applications Encouraged

NB Hiring 2021
NB Hiring 2021

At Lawctopus, we have the following roles on offer:

  1. Content Head, Lawctopus and NoticeBard
  2. Head, Marketing and Outreach
  3. B2b Sales Manager
  4. SEO Executive
  5. Graphic Designer and Videographer

Before you apply, please go through some important points below about our organization, its culture and what we look for in these openings.

About the organization

Lawctopus is a mid-sized, organically growing, completely remote, online media and education company that believes in serving at scale and serving well. 

NoticBard is a part of the Lawctopus family. 

Some of our offerings with 5 lakh monthly readers is India’s most popular website for law students and young lawyers. CLATalogue (for CLAT aspirants), and Academike (our law journal) are sub-properties of Lawctopus. with 2.5 lakh readers a month is a popular website for people looking for educational opportunities and serves students and young professionals across streams.

Lawctopus Law School, our online ed-tech platform has served over 4500 learners in the last one year with its courses on law and legal skills.

About our work culture/Pros of Working With Us

1. Through our online media and education offerings, we serve a million+ young people in meaningful ways and do it with a lot of care. (Not kidding about the million+). Resonates?

2. Being a young and growing organization (we are 10-years-old and 21 people strong) you get to shape a lot of decisions we make, both big and small.

3. Completely remote: you can work when you want and from wherever you wish to. (Meetings and deadlines of course have a set time). We use Basecamp, Google Suite tools, and Zoom to make remote work happen.

4. We work 5.5 days a week (8 hours a day) and give ourselves 30 holidays a year: you get to take holidays when you want.

5. We pay you to learn! 

6. Moving towards being a Teal organisation.

Our ideal team member’s must-have qualities

1. Attention to detail: We like our emails to be well-formatted, we like our communication to be grammatically flawless.

2. Entrepreneurial: Ideate. Research. And Do. Iterate and improve. Many people get stuck in the research stage. Our people don’t. 

3. Tech-friendly: You should be willing to embrace technology and become comfortable with it. We work via remote tools and value cool tech hacks. 

4. Intrinsically motivated: If you are excited by the potential of online media and education to change lives (ours and the reader’s/learner’s), you’ll be the right fit.

5. Our mission is to enable informed and inspired careers. Our values are of ‘care, learning, and action’. If these resonate with you, please do apply.

Important notes

1. Currently, the positions mentioned below are open.

2. The last date to apply is June 30.

3. Early applications are encouraged as the positions will be closed if and when the right candidate is found.

4. We encourage applications from under-represented minorities and underprivileged groups. Please do mention the same in your application forms.

5. Do you know someone who could be the right fit? Tell them about these positions. If we hire them, you’ll get 20% of their first month’s salary as a finder’s fee. Just tell them to mention your name, email, and phone in the application form.

1. Content Head, Lawctopus and NoticeBard

You’ll be responsible for

  • For the overall growth, quantitative, in terms of unique visitors and page-views and qualitative, in terms of time spent on-site and our impact on our target audience, of all media sites i.e. Lawctopus, NoticeBard, CLATalogue, and Academike. 
  • Leading brand-building, large-scale content-generation, sales, and marketing, leading a remote team, and institutional and industry tie-ups. 

Qualities and Experience Required

  • 5-10 years of experience in managing large content and education media sites.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurial skills, managerial acumen, and sales and marketing know-how.
  • Knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, Adsense, and other commonly used tools in content management.
  • Excellent research, writing, and presentation skills.

Salary: Rs. 60,000-100,000/month, based on experience and current salary.

Application form: click here.

2. Head, Marketing and Outreach


  • Manage organic content and digital marketing for the media sites and Lawctopus Law School: content/SEO, emails, social media, Whatsapp, webinars, Quora, etc.
  • Manage the affiliate partnership-based student partner program (SPP).
  • Design and draft marketing content for emailers, articles on Lawctopus, social media posts, etc.
  • Liaison with the sales team to achieve desired financial outcomes.

Qualities and Experience Required

  • 3-7 years of experience working in marketing roles.
  • Know-how of email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.
  • A way with words, images, and a deep understanding of various social media platforms.
  • A keen interest to generate ideas that go big!
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks.

Salary: Rs. 40,000-70,000/month

Application form: click here.

3. B2B Sales Manager


  • Sell advertisement space to colleges, universities, coaching institutes, foreign educational programs, ed-tech players for and
  • Help Lawctopus Law School collaborate with educational institutions and companies for group enrollments.
  • Set up and manage sales processes (including Zoho CRM), and train other people in the sales team.
  • Support the marketing team in their overall planning and execution.

Qualities and Experience Required

  • 2-7 years of experience in a B2B or institutional sales role.
  • Previous experience of setting up rigorous marketing and sales processes; working with a CRM.
  • Excellent English language skills: both oral and written.

Salary: Rs. 40,000-80,000/month + performance-based incentives, based on experience and current salary.

Application form: click here.

4. SEO Executive


  • Conducting on-site and off-site analysis of SEO competition.
  • Using google analytics and other tools to conduct performance reports and implement changes regularly.
  • Creating high-quality SEO content based on keyword research.
  • Assisting in writing blog content, feature articles.

Qualities and Experience Required

  • 1-3 years of experience working in SEO and content management roles.
  • Extensive experience in SEO, keyword research.
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics, backlink analysis, Adsense.
  • Experience with coding techniques, website design, and website architecture.

Salary: Rs. 25,000-50,000/month based on experience and current salary.

Application form: click here.

5. Graphic Designer and Videographer


  • Design graphics for internal products, social media posts, banners, and posters.
  • Make educational and promotional videos.
  • Edit videos for educational and promotional purposes.
  • Support in social media marketing and video marketing.

Qualities and Experience Required

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience working in related roles.
  • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Canva, and other prominent image and video editing tools.
  • An interest in marketing and a taste for minimal design.

Salary: Rs. 30,000-50,000/month based on experience and current salary.

Application form: click here.

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