NoticeBard Campus Leader Program [July 2019-April 2020]: Apply by April 5: Expired

Since starting in March, 2017, has grown to be a popular destination for educational opportunities for students across streams.
The website today gets nearly 200,000 (2 lakh) unique visitors every month. Nearly 30,000 people have subscribed to our push notifications.
Our mission is to enable informed and inspired careers and we have just gotten started.
Engineering, Science, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts, Business, Commerce are huge streams with 100s of ‘educational opportunities’ being held and organised every day.
We want our young people to be able to access them easily and explore their selves and careers by participating in such events and opportunities.
Campus Leaders are students (undergraduate, post-graduate or advanced) are our eyes and ears in various colleges and universities and will a major role to play in the fulfillment of this mission.

Who can be a college manager? What are the qualifications?

  1. You should be a student of any stream of study.
  2. You should be a proactive person willing to work hard and take initiative. This is a serious commitment.
  3. You must have regular access to internet both in college and at your home.
  4. You must be willing to do marketing related tasks.

What are your responsibilities?

  1. Find and inform us about relevant events and opportunities in your stream.
  2. Tell us about newsworthy events and opportunities conducted/held in your college and upload them on the dashboard.
  3. Interview the star students and faculty in your college, and lawyers in and around your area.
  4. Encourage students in your college (regularly) to contribute internship experiences, college reviews, and blogs.
  5. Help us promote and market our advertisers and our products/services in your college.
  6. Help us connect to various people in your college.
  7. Generally, promote the Noticebard brand on social media and beyond!

What’s in it for you?

  1. Get internships: We’ll help the best performing campus leaders secure the internships they want (2 internship slots: say November 2019-January 2020, and May-June, 2019). We’ll contact our contacts, and help you fine-tune your CVs.
  2. Earn money: When you bring business/advertisers for us, you get 10-20% of the revenue generated by them. You can also earn money through internal competitions that are organised by us. (Like for sharing the best interviews, or the most number of internship experiences).
  3. Get free media passes for conferences and seminars where we are media partners. Meet the dignatories as a Noticebard representative and build contacts (and confidence)!
  4. Connect with fellow campus leaders throughout India! (All of us will be connected via a Whatsapp/Slack group).
  5. Get a certificate on successful completion of your tenure.
  6. Personalized CV review, internship advice, and career counseling for the best performing campus leaders.
  7. Develop your communication skills!
  8. Develop your leadership skills!
  9. Contribute towards making your community of education seekers stronger!

(Campus leaders become the go-to people in their colleges. Our tasks like interviewing star faculty members and students encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, talk and follow-up with people. These things build your communication and leadership skills).
We make you richer in every way possible!

Some other details

  • Being a Campus Leader is a voluntary, unpaid position.
  • 1-10 campus leaders can be selected per college per course/stream (depending on the size of the college and the stream/course).
  • You are required to work for around 2 hours/week. Usually, 1-2 tasks are allotted every month.

We give no task which cannot be completed along with your college, co-curricular activities, exams or even internships. Relax! We understand your world!
The Campus Leaders Program will start from July 2019. However, we are inviting applications early.

If you are interested, please do fill this form by April 5.

First published on March 27.

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