Call for Entries: Idea Challenge 2017 “The Future World” by NIT Srinagar: Submit by Sep 24: Expired

NIT Srinagar Idea Challenge 2017
The IIED Center, NIT Srinagar announces the much awaited event “The IDEA CHALLENGE 2017 – The Future World”.
The IDEA CHALLENGE is the first of its kind event in the valley with an objective to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth and also make them familiar with the present scenario of the world of innovation.

  • The Idea Challenge is open for all School/College/University students.
  • Entries can be from an individual or a Team of any size. In case of a team attach the
    list of members of the team.

Submission Guidelines
Provide the following details in the write-up.

  1. Cover page: Title of the project Work and Summary (Explaining the innovation in
    your entry) – Single page only
  2. Details of IDEA under following subheadings:
    a. Introduction
    b. Motivation
    c. Component of project / Concept behind the work
    d. Details of the work / description of IDEA / how it works
    e. Applications
    f. Impact
    g. Challenges
    h. Future scope

Students can send the scanned copies of all filled forms (click here) & certificate from the Institute by e-mail at before 05:30 pm on 24 Sept 2017.
Institute should receive the hard copies of e-mailed documents in original on or before 24 Sept 2017 by 05:30 am.
The hard copies should be sent at:
Prof. Saad Parvez, HEAD, IIED Center
National Institute of Technology,  Hazratbal, Srinagar
PIN: 190006 Jammu and Kashmir
Contact no.: +91-9797757234

  1. No restriction on the number of entries per student/group of students per
  2. The entries should reach NIT Srinagar by 24 Sept 2017 by 05:30 PM.
  3. Entries are acceptable only if certified by the Institute on the registration form
    submitted. No other certificate shall be accepted.
  4. A list containing the names of the student participant members of the group must
    be attached along with the registration form.
  5. All the students whose names are present in the list must be Bonafide students of the school/college on roll in January 2017. The list must be signed by all the students of the group. This list cannot be altered at any later stage after submission of the complete registration form.
  6. The certificate can be issued by Principal/Director/Registrar/Dean/HoD of the School/Institute.
  7. An Evaluation Committee comprising of Professors from University/Colleges other than NIT Srinagar shall asses the project to finalize top 10 on the basis of the writeup.
  8. Top 10 entries will be declared on 27 Sept 2017 through email and phone call.
  9. Top 10 entries amongst the submitted, shall have to demonstrate their work at NIT
    Srinagar on 2nd October 2017.
  10. Among the demonstrated entries, First, Second and Third prizes will be awarded by
    the judges on the basis of write-up, model presentation & personal interview.
  11. Wheere model is not required, 2 posters of A-1 size shall be required to be displayed.
  12. The winners will be declared on 2nd October 2017.
  13. Entries by email which are received by the Institute after 05:30 pm on 24 Sept 2017
    shall be summarily disqualified.
  14. The entries which are received on 24 Sept 2017 before 05:30 pm by email but the hard copy is not received before 25 Sept 2017 by 05:30 am shall be summarily disqualified.
  15. If entries are not sent by e-mail and only hard copy is sent, such entries must be received before 05:30 pm on 24 Sept 2017.

For any queries, contact
Prof. Saad Parvez, Head, IIED Center
Mr. Abhishek Gourav, 3rd year

For full details and application form, please view the official notification given here.


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