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Internship Experience of an Electrical Engineering Student @ NIST Berhampur: Scenic Campus, Interesting Research Work

By: Usha | 16 Jul 2019 5:05 PM
This has been submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Competition.
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Prudhvi Golla, Electrical Engineering student from VKR, VNB Engineering College Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh.


National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST), Berhampur, Odisha.


There comes a time in the life of an Engineering student which is more difficult to face an
enormous competition of the present-day advanced world, which overcome by gaining huge
potential of knowledge. “Knowledge”, the greatest wealth used for creating and developing
a platform for the hidden talent which is the divine gift procure by opportunities. Basically, it is the ultimate result of success.

Internships are such best path of manner with rich sources of such knowledge. Various talented people can find huge opportunities, with a chance to carve various skills with ultimate development and earnings.

Having interned experience at NIST, makes a best of my time which acts as source of knowledge. As a passionate Electrical Engineering student from VKR, VNB Engineering college Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, previously I procure a great sense of skills and interned experience from “Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP)”, and “Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL)”, makes me out standard person of technical skills in Power systems & Electrical machines, with a boosting sense of mental ability which makes me to step in Research & Development (R&D) career.

As a feel of the best time, I would like to share my best views at NIST. The February of 2018, I come across the notification from Web source (Internet), and hope to gain a sense of creativity and faith towards myself a chance to realize my predication by
opting fantastic research experience.

How to apply

My C.V (Curriculum Vitae) presented a decent image of my interest in the research path and gave a pleasant appearance to my achievements and extra-circular activities. Being a 9 pointer helped too (accept apology as information).

Though I was scared a lot regarding the background of my parental institute, I got placed and received an interview call by facing to solve few questions related curriculum; thus which were manageable. Thus finally I was offered a position of research intern at NIST.

Internship Dates

The internship began on May 16, 2018 and went on till July 14, 2018.

Overall Experience

It was the best time for me to work with my professor (feeling glad to introduce Dr. Murthy Cherukuri), Associate Professor of Electrical department, National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST), Berhampur, on Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) as Research Project.

Even though I am very new to the opted research topic, a huge positive encouragement and support can attain from my mentor and co-interns which helped me to overcome and break the silence to grab the technical achievement of work. The hospitality of the place left me spell-bound and the work culture has made me a humbler person.

I feel glad to the best opportunities placed around in all view. Meanwhile, I feel it was the utmost opportunity to mingle with splendid research students (co-interns) with their outstanding contributions.

I had never imagined that research could be this interesting! I would wake up at 6 O’clock with best morning wishes from the voice of birds & beautiful hilly nature, reach the lab at 9AM and continue the work till 4-5 PM just to bring amazing results for the ongoing research.

Proper segmentation of work with standard output was the goal of the internship, which held by the professor week-wise. Every week, I was expected to finish a fixed set of calculations and analyze the result. In my free time, I took the liberty to explore the main buildings of the city and nature spots.

I felt the best with my research co-interns with a pleasant experience with research work,
environment surroundings (especially NIST was splendid beautiful covered by Lakes, Hills,
Greenery), friends, out-side food, culture, with the mutual sharing’s of knowledge too, which support and makes the feel of “the best period of my life”.

Meanwhile had a chance for active participation and interaction in National level workshops & seminar events. I was surprised myself being transformed. We have a great long journey to “PURI” (The lord Jagannath temple & beach),”KONARK” (lord Surya temple) & BHUBANESWAR (Capital city)” which makes memorable sweet moments with the best time of my long drives, where I firmly believe the words of Einstein i.e. “ Science without Religion is Stupidity”.

Finally, the day before my departure, I faced a strong moment in name of presentation, which is a common activity for every interned student before a panel of professors with continuous arrows of questions, which was based on the experience gained in a couple of months duration.

On my last day, we all are have mesmerized farewell from Institution and mentors, which was the best memory in my life. A part of mesmeric, I was surprised with my mentor’s gift (- 🙂 feel the best present).

Finally, I got success & I am glad about my results with standardization of journal in “IEEE”, which makes me best and shows the green phase of my research career. By making it the best platform to provide the best suggestion as Be bold with the passion, talent & sense of knowledge (achievements too..!), which paves an ultimate level of opportunity irrespective of present position of your day life; that which truly happens in my life make me to share my best moments with you along with transformation as best research intern.

Good and Bad Things

Every system has its own good and bad things. Really, might be nothing much bad (as per
general opinion), but initially, I faced food problem. That might be due to my first-time
hostel environment, especially from out of my state (basically from Andhra Pradesh), but time made me adjust to the food and language problem.

Though the learning environment and communication is in English on the campus, literally speaking there were a few problems while doing things with local villagers and kutty shops (small shops). I got language support from my friends to overcome such small problems.

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