Nirma Robocup: National Robotic Contest for School Students (Std. 8-12) [Oct 19-20, Ahmedabad]: Register by Aug 15: Expired

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Nirma Robocup 2019The mission of Nirma RoboCup 2019 is to overcome hurdles in the path to success through proper planning, hard work, confidence and teamwork. This year’s theme draws inspiration from Lord Krishna – who was very fond of butter. He used to gather all his friends, make a team, prepare a human pyramid to reach the hanging butter pot and break it using his flute to fetch the yummy butter.
This demonstrates that great teamwork, proper planning, hard-work coupled with confidence leads to success. Based on this concept, the theme of Nirma RoboCup is designed to promote the notion of- “Planning, Hard-work and Confidence are key to Success”.

Robot Design and Development
  1. Each team has to prepare one robot.
  2. Robot can be manually operated through wired/wireless remote control OR it can be semi/fully automatic.
  3. Robot cannot split in two or more parts during the game. For example, if any part of the robot falls off during the game, then it will be considered as a foul.
  4. Robot may touch the inner faces of fence/ wall for movement during the game.
  5. The robot in the competition must be built by team members from the same school. An undertaking is required by the school in this regard in a given format.
  6. Dimensions of robot: Robot must not exceed 350 mm x 350 mm in length and width. However, there is no restriction in height of the robot.
  7. If the robot is operated using wired remote, the length of the cable from controller end to the robot must be between 1000 mm and 2000 mm.
  8. In case of wireless remote, only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controllers are permitted.
  9. An infrared, visible ray, sonar, sound, or radio frequency remote control is prohibited.
  10. Weight of the Robot: Robot must not weight more than 15 kg. Robot weight includes the weight of the structure of the robot, mounted component(s), controller, cable, remote control, batteries and all other components those are/can be considered as part(s) of the robot and connected to the robot by any means.
  11. Power source:
    • The team can use only batteries and/or compressed air as power source.
    • All the batteries used in robot, controller and any other devices used in the game must not exceed 24 volts.
    • In case compressed air is used, the air pressure must not exceed 5 bar in any case.
    • Any power source deemed dangerous may be banned from use.
  12. Participating robot is examined for all these things prior to every game. The team that fails the examination is not permitted to participate in the test run or competition.
Task of the Competition

Each team has to complete the task in the following manner

  1. At the start of the game, each team sets its robot in the start zone.
  2. On the referee’s signal for start of the game, robot should start moving on the MATHURA zone.
  3. At the end of MATHURA zone, there is a Mathura butter cube. Robot must push the cube off the track (such that it falls in the Friends zone) to enter into the GOKUL zone.
  4. In GOKUL zone robot should continue to follow the track.
  5. At the end of GOKUL zone, there is a Gokul butter cube. Similar to the Mathura Butter cube, the robot must push the cube into the Friends zone to enter the VRINDAVAN  zone.
  6. In VRINDAVAN zone, the robot should follow the track till it reaches the TREE with butter pot placed on it.
  7. The robot must displace off the Vrindavan butter pot from the TREE (such that it falls in the Friends zone) to enter the BARSANA zone.
  8.  Robot can enter the next zone only after successful displacement of the respective Butter cube/Butter pot into the Friends zone. The referee will give a signal to indicate successful clearance of that zone.
  9. In BARSANA zone, the robot should continue to follow the track and climb the slope to reach the BARSANA HILL.
  10. Upon reaching BARSANA HILL, the robot must touch the Barsana butter pot TWICE with the Flute only, any part of robot other than the Flute is not allowed to touch the Barsana butter pot. The team that completes the above tasks first, in proper order, will be declared as the winner of the Game and is called “GOVINDA”.
  1. Students of secondary and higher secondary are eligible for the competition
  2. Each team consists of maximum of 3 students and 1 faculty member from the same school.

There can be more than one team from a school.

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Click here to register online.

  • ₹ 4000/- per team (3 students + 1 teacher from the same school). Includes participant registration, certification and Lunch for 2 days.
  • ₹ 3000/- per team for Accommodation* (if required) of 2 days.

*subject to availability. GST will be extra as applicable.
All other expenses are to be borne by the participants. Registration charges are non-refundable.  Fees to be paid through online portal only. No other mode of payment is acceptable.

Important Dates

Registration Close: August 15, 2019
Date of Event: October 19 – 20, 2019


Dr Akash Macwan: 07971652410
Dr Mihir Chauhan: 07971652155 / 8155066129

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here


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