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Internship Opportunity @ Newslaundry [Editorial, Marketing, Tech, Social Media]: Applications Open

Newslaundry Internship

Newslaundry is a media critique, news and current affairs portal and YouTube channel.

We value independence and transparency and believe the two are integral to democracy and a healthy society. This applies to news media too, often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy.

We will question established ways and models that get too comfortable and cozy. No one should be above scrutiny: Not politics, industry, civil society, and certainly not the media. Not them, not you, not us – no one.

Available Positions for the Newslaundry Internship

Editorial: The intern will work with the Newslaundry editorial team. S/he will be involved with research, data gathering work. Opportunities will also be available for reporting stories from the field.

Social Media: The intern will be the support system of the Newslaundry publishing team. Newslaundry publishes on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The intern will be required to create content for these platforms.

Marketing: The intern will be working closely with the business development team and work on putting up Newslaundry properties. In addition, the intern will also get a first-hand experience in researching on revenue streams that help Newslaundry disrupt the media space.

Tech: Google analytics will be your friend and the tech team down at Newslaundry will be your guide. You will be part of that indispensable force that makes Newslaundry, Newslaundry (quite literally).

Contact: contact@newslaundry.com

For more details and eligibility criteria for respective positions, click here.

Official Website: www.newslaundry.com

newslaundry internship

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