New YouTube Video: Upskill Yourself Through Internships!

We have started our own YouTube Channel where we will talk about educational/professional opportunities weekly, offer career advice and tips and tricks to build an informed and inspired career.

The Objective of the YouTube Channel

We post about 20 opportunities on our website every day. These opportunities range from fellowships and internships to job openings and international conferences that one can apply to. 

We  have now started a YouTube Channel, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Spreading awareness of the available opportunities in and around India
  • Enabling informed careers 
  • Helping the Indian students in  developing their professional career
Video Content

The videos will have the following themes:

  • Detailed information about the available opportunities for students and professionals 
  • Discussions and talks about ways to enhance one’s career and elevate growth
  • Conversational live sessions on a variety of discussion topics such as CV building, professional growth, tips for interviews, etc.
  • Easy and actionable insights on how to go about pursuing a particular career type, for instance, Graphic Designing, Engineering, Management, etc.
Latest Video

Watch NoticeBard’s latest video by clicking here. It talks about upskilling oneself through internships.

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