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नव उज्ज्वल: National Level E-Hackathon by Model Club, BIT Sindri, Dhanbad: Register by July 28: Expired

About the E-Hackathon

In accordance with the “Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat & motion”, the Model Club of Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India brings up to you an opportunity to come forward with your innovative ideas and salvage the sinking mankind.

In this challenge, participants have to come up with innovative solutions to the problem statements given to them.

The problems included are the ones the country is facing in this decade – From sanitisation to water pollutions, from agriculture to industrial issues and many more.

This e-hackathon is a plethora of innovation that the country needs at the present moment of crisis.

About the Organisers

The hackathon is an initiative of Model Club, BIT Sindri, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, independent student body of the only state government engineering college of Jharkhand.

The Model Club also organises the official tech-fest of the college, “Sandhaan”.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is motivated enough to solve the problems existing in the country is free to participate.

There’s no restriction of degree or level of education.


  1. Save the Planet
  2. COVID-19
  3. IoT based Industrial Problems
  4. Being Human
  5. Augmented Reality
  6. Differently-abled People
  7. Public Health and Sex Education
  8. Agriculture and Food Security
  9. Disaster and Hazard Management
  10. Nav Ujjwal Bharat Innovation

How to register?

Register for this event by visiting this page.

The abstract idea of the prototype solution will have to be submitted through the registration itself.


The registrations for the event will end on 28th July, 2020.

Rules and regulations

  • Registration should be done only in a Group of 3 to 4 participants. 
  • There are no such restrictions that members have to be from same college.
  • No inter-batch or branch restrictions.
  • The Team Name should be unique and not contain the name of your institute in any form.
  • Teams will have their Team ID which will be used for further contacts and process of नव उज्ज्वल e-Innovation Hackathon.


Phone numbers:

Abhinav Prakash: +91-89698 87592
Akash Saw: +91-98011 89098
Milan Kashyap: +91-74819 37671

Email id:

For updates, follow the Model Club Hackathon Facebook page.

Click the below links for full details

Nav_Ujjwal_E-Innovation_Hackathon_Problem Statements

POSTER NU EInnov Hackathon 1


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