National Youth Dialogue by Chhattisgarh Mock Indian Parliament @ Bhilai [Aug 3-4]: Registration Open

By: Aprajita Karki | 10 Jul 2019 6:05 PM
About the organisation and competition

Chhattisgarh Mock Indian Parliament is organising the third edition of Mock Indian Parliament namely National Youth Dialogue on 3rd and 4th August 2019.

The previous edition of the same was conducted in October 2016 recorded a tremendous and enthusiastic participation influx of more than 250 candidates making it central India’s biggest literary and debating conference. Participants experienced a vast exposure to the open discussions and engaged themselves into brainstorming over the agendas.

The National Youth Dialogue shall be an even bigger and grand event comprising of four committees, as following:

Lok Sabha

New Education Policy: Challenges and Road Ahead

Candidates shall be endorsed portfolios of eminent Members of Parliament to express opinions on the agenda seeking to draw a conclusion. Over various merits and demerits of the agenda, the candidates shall get enough information to have a discussion upon.

CG Vidhan Sabha

Gadhbo Nawa Chhattisgarh

Candidates shall be endorsed portfolios of eminent Members of Legislative Assembly of Chhattisgarh who shall further have brainstorming sessions over the development of the State. Since the State had a huge switch over its Government, there are a number of issues to have a discussion upon.

Collector’s Conference

Issue of EVMs and Implementation of Simultaneous Elections

Candidates shall be provided with a deep view into the executive and administrative set up of the country with special concerns to the issue with EVM technology and implementation of the newly proposed ‘Simultaneous Election’. This is an exclusive committee for those who have an inclination into running the administration.

Juvenile Justice board Conference

Social Integration of Children in Conflict With Law

The laws made for juvenile and implementation the same has a huge gap in between. In addition to this, it is a special committee comprising of participants from the Juvenile homes i.e. the Children in conflict with law merging with the candidates who take keen interest in reforming the juvenile laws either in its entirety or implementation. This shall not only provide better insights and information relating to the concerned laws to the general public but also will extend a great exposure to the juveniles who miss the same.

Objectives of the conference

The overall objective of National Youth Dialogue is to have respective conferences as above mentioned from which effective resolutions can be expected.


Students studying in schools, an undergraduate or postgraduate programme of any registered institution/college/university.


Bhilai Club, Indria place, Near Jayanti stadium, Civic Center Area, Sector 5, Bhilai,
Chhattisgarh –490006, India.

Registration details

Delegate Registration Form is here.

Campus Ambassador Form is here.

International Press Form is here.

Contact info

Naman Tripathi (Secretary-General): +91 8965006349

Moulik Shrivastava (Director General): +91 7999747652

Akash Satyadeo (Deputy Secretary-General): +91 7987537279

Kritika Chandel (USG, Delegate Affairs): +91 9131524014

For further information click here.

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