National Social Summit, IIT Roorkee aims at providing a platform to different organizations, working with the aim of well-being of the society, to come together and make a greater impact at the ground level.

However, a task this humongous can only be achieved with the combined efforts of various people with the mindset to strive for greatness, and this is the goal on which our team is bent upon.

With this year’s theme of discussion being “Women and Child Welfare”, we hope to make more and more people aware of the various shades of human mentality towards this sensitive topic and brainstorm ideas to solve the numerous problems that women and children from various stratas of society face in their everyday life.

Through this initiative,we also wish to bridge the gap between these people of similar mindsets, by giving a platform to all these young ignited minds to come together and provide some solutions to real-life problems.


The main events include

  • Case Study
  • Panel Discussion
  • Round Table Conference
  • Innovision
  • Vaad Vivaad (Debate)

In addition, there is a B-Plan contest, singing and dancing competitions and much more.


General Info:
For General Enquiry : Pritesh Sonar | 8793466063
For Events Enquiry : Utsav Rajpal | 9988692035

To know full details and register for the events, click here

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