NASA CineSpace 2020 Short Film Competition [Cash Prizes Worth Rs. 13.75L+]: Submit by July 16: Expired


NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society are teaming up once again to host the annual CineSpace Short Film Competition, inviting filmmakers, editors, and animators from around the world to explore NASA’s digital archives and create short films inspired by, and incorporating, real NASA footage.


The Selection Committee and Competition Judges (collectively the “Jury”) will award the following prizes:

Grand Prize: USD $10,000
Second Prize: USD $5,000
Third Prize: USD $3,000

Special Judging Categories and Awards

In addition to the above awards, the Jury may also award three Special Category prizes. They are looking for submissions that elevate the featured themes using creative and original cinematic and/or storytelling techniques. If the jury feels that a submission meets these criteria, the submission may be considered for these awards. If no submissions sufficiently meet the criteria, these categories may not be awarded this year.

• Best Documentary: USD $3,000
• Film That Best Depicts “20 Years of Humans on the International Space Station”: USD $4,000
• Best Film Using Exclusively NASA Archival Footage: USD $1000

Submission Requirements

Cinescape video submission – Submit a ten (10) minute or less short film that is at least 10% comprised of actual NASA footage. Initial review copies may be uploaded to the Tongal submission form at HD 720p 16X9 with acceptable file formats: .mov, .mp4, .wmv, and acceptable codecs: H.264 (MP4), MPEG-4. Be sure to keep track of the URLs that link to the NASA-owned footage you end up using in your film. We’ll ask you for a reference log in the submission form.

Evaluation period – During this phase, submissions will be evaluated by the Jury. The Houston Cinema Arts Festival will announce the Finalists on or before October 15th, 2020, during the official announcement of their festival lineup. This is usually done via livestream.

Cinescape finalists – Finalists will work with the Tongal post-production team to deliver the assets required for the CineSpace screening and promotional materials. Around this time, Finalists will also receive their general festival laurels and will be put in touch with the festival’s guest coordinator to make plans to attend the festival. Upon delivering final assets, Finalists will await prizing results to be announced during the CineSpace screening, which will take place sometime in mid-November (exact date TBD).

Asset delivery requirements: In order to be featured in the CineSpace program in November, Finalists will need to deliver the following materials for the screening and promotional purposes. We want to make sure your film is screened in the highest quality format as possible!

• 3-5 300dpi HQ stills for the festival website and program guide
• Full High Quality Master file of your film in 23.97 FPS – If you’re unable to convert your film to 23.97 FPS, Tongal can do the conversion in-house
• SRT file if your film contains subtitles
• Textless Master – If your film contains subtitles, please submit a version without them. This is in case NASA wants to put other subtitles that aren’t English over your film

How to Submit

There is no entry fee to submit to CineSpace. You may submit up to 5 short films. Submissions MUST contain at least 10% (based on total running time excluding credits) of NASA imagery. More than 10% can be used and still photos can also be used in addition to the video imagery. This imagery may be obtained through the NASA IMAGE ARCHIVE or other publicly available means such as YouTube, etc.

Submission Deadline

July 16



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