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MicroBachelors Program in Business Analytics Foundations by Southern New Hampshire University [Online, 8 Months]: Enroll Now!

About the Program

Business analytics is a fast-growing field that explores the methods of understanding data within an organization to improve decision-making. Expertise in analytics allows organizations to assess the data they have and the data they need to understand the health and future of the business. This program can help you build the foundational skills you need to succeed in business analytics – helping you gain knowledge in descriptive statistics, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals and linear regression.

This program provides the foundational skills necessary for a career in business and data analysis, including knowledge of scripting languages and data analysis to solve real-world problems. Learners will finish this program with the ability to automate tasks and apply statistical methods to solve problems with Python.

This program is designed for individuals interested in using data to support business decisions, regardless of prior experience. Whether you’ve worked with data in your current role or are interested in the expanding field of business analytics, this program will provide the foundational skills necessary for your success.

What you will learn?

  • Develop fully functional programs using industry-relevant tools.
  • Translate business requirements into problems that can be solved computationally.
  • Formulate questions to be solved through statistical analysis.
  • Analyze data using statistical methods.


  • Gwen Britton
    Associate Vice President, SNHU Global Campus STEM & Business Programs
    Southern New Hampshire University
  • Curtis George
    Technical Program Facilitator for Computer Science
    Southern New Hampshire University
  • David Sze
    Technical Program Facilitator – Mathematics
    Southern New Hampshire University
  • Ben Tasker
    Technical Program Facilitator – Data Science and Data Analytics
    Southern New Hampshire University

To enroll in this program, click the link below.

MicroBachelors® Program in Business Analytics Foundations

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