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About the webinar

Calm-Abiding Meditation Practices

Practicing Meditation means ‘making an effort to diligently work with the mind so as to make it more aware, calm, concentrated, and contemplative.’

In this 90 minutes long introductory session, Ashish from Sahaj Foundation shall take us through three to four basic calm-abiding meditation practices that can help us tremendously in these uncertain times of the global pandemic and also generally in our life and career journeys.

About the facilitator

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Ashish, an IIT Roorkee graduate who lives in village Bir, Himachal Pradesh, has learned these practices from many Buddhist practitioners living and offering their teachings in the Himalayas.

According to him, the role of meditation not only lies in dealing with stress in our personal lives, but this gift can be very well received to improve attention spans, clarity, and performance in our professional careers.


The best way to benefit from this session will be to come prepared so that you can practice the techniques along with the facilitator.

The best would be to have a secluded place to be in, a comfortable cushion/chair to sit on, a diary to take notes, and a water bottle handy.


Date and time: May 5, Tuesday, 4 pm-5.30 pm (Please do not be late for the session. Also, kindly schedule yourself for full 90-100 minutes).

Location: The webinar is being hosted on Zoom with all appropriate safeguards in place.

Logistics: 15-20 select participants will have their audio/video on. This will allow Ashish to observe participants and give them feedback as we meditate. All other participants will be on mute with their videos turned off. All participants are instructed to listen to the facilitator carefully.


Register for the webinar here.


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