MDP on Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones at IIM Kozhikode [Dec 2-4]: Register by Nov 11: Expired

About the Organiser

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is an autonomous business school located in Calicut, Kerala. The institute, set up in 1996 by the Government of India in collaboration with the State Government of Kerala, is one of the 20 Indian Institutes of Management. It was the fifth IIM to be established.

About the Programme

The MDP on Strategic Positioning in the age of Amazon and iPhones is organised by IIM Kozhikode from Dec 2-4, 2019.

The business environment is truly going through a sea change that has flustered business organizations across the globe. Various factors are contributing to the turmoil. For example, a stupendous growth in technological innovations is changing the way consumers look at products and the factors they consider in making a choice. In a similar vein, the use of smartphones and the rise of social media is adding more complexity to the process of consumer choice.

Given these factors and the seeming unpredictability of the rise of other factors, it is imperative for business organizations to understand how they can position their market/product offering. However, positioning is becoming progressively more difficult as the experiential value afforded by a brand, admittedly that which makes a brand “a brand,” is getting diluted; fuelled by honest and transparent recommendations on all sorts of online platforms, which makes product performance very stark and apparent. Consequently, “products” and not “brands” is taking the centre-stage in influencing consumer choices.

In the US and other developed countries in the EU, middle-tier brands that offer neither an esteemed value nor a value for money image, have already lost their sheen, as is seen in the deep decline in the number of tier two retailers like Macys and JCP.

The mere question to ask is, Will brands survive or more importantly how to position your brand in this changing environment?
This program takes a two-pronged approach to address this issue:

  • How consumer mind-set is changing with the rise of technological innovations and
  • How organizations should be better equipped to position their brand with a changing mind-set, especially, in the age of “smartphones” and “amazon.”
  • To understand brand positioning in a digital age
  • To understand consumer decision making in a digital environment
Program Content

The program will discuss frameworks to help managers to face some of the rising challenges in positioning a brand. We will use the latest findings from the world of marketing research to understand and address them.

The following is a sample of topics:

  • Rise of store and retail brands
  • Growth of me too smartphone brands
  • Evaluating brands in an online environment
  • How one compares rating versus number of reviews in making a choice
  • How brands go viral
Programme Fee

Rs. 45000+GST(Residential),  Rs. 36000+GST (Non-Residential)

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the programme through this link.

Registration Deadline

Nov 11, 2019


Facilitator: Prof. Pronobesh Banerjee

For further details, click here.

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