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MDP on Personal Innovation, Creative Thinking & Decision Making at IIM Kozhikode [Nov 11-13]: Register by Oct 21: Expired


Most of us are conditioned and habituated to think in patterned ways. Like many other personal and social rituals, analysis, problem-solving and decision making degenerate into the routine application of thought artifacts, heuristics, or preferred mental models. Often organizations also exert a strong influence in shaping preferred methods of thinking internally which may evolve into strongly entrenched corporate dominant logic. These entrenched patterns of predictable thought are the major reason behind strategic decay.

On a personal and professional level, repetitive thought processes yield predictable results and such consistency would lead to loss of competitive advantage and can cause boredom, monotony, and stagnation in one’s life and career. It is important that we must break free of such conditioning by questioning the thought patterns and the thought artifacts which color our judgments.

Learning Outcomes
  • Enable the participant to expose and confront their deeply held mental models on management, leadership, organizations and personal effectiveness.
  • Develop alternative approaches to enabling disequilibrium to develop creative analysis and solutions.
  • Develop tolerance of ambiguity and alternate models of reality in managerial contexts.
  • Analysis and theory of personal innovation and creativity: the framework and
  • Habits and rituals in thinking: The role of thought artifacts and mental
  • Personal Innovation competencies and the
  • Towards alternate mental models and solutions for problem solving and decision
  • Escaping the patterns of analysis and synthesis.
  • Some best practices to facilitate creative
  • Leading for creativity in organizations.
Who can Attend?

The program is targeted at middle to senior-level managers having functional or general management responsibilities. Those who occupy roles that require creative problem solving under conditions of insufficient information and ambiguity would find this program most useful.


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