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MDP on Cooperative Industrial Relations at IIM Kozhikode [Dec 2-4]: Register by Nov 11

MDP on Cooperative Industrial Relations at IIM Kozhikode [Dec 2-4]: Register by Nov 11


This training program is designed to assist the employers and the trade union leaders in exploring the opportunity for collaboration while fulfilling their respective interests. The program also aims to provide exposure to the participants to the international organization in Japan and South Korea and learn cooperative industrial relations practices.

Trade union leaders in India are losing the ground because of their inability to protect the interest of the employees, and neither they represent the business interest unlike the mature trade unions in developed countries. This backdrop has led to confrontation, unhealthy competition, the confrontation between union and management, use of power for fulfilling the need resulting in industrial unrest. But, this standoff between union and management could not suffice to fulfill the need of either party. The program intends to teach upon the above-stated problems.

  • Build cooperative industrial relations in Indian Organizations
  • Adopt tools and techniques of cooperation
  • Benchmark the best practices from developed countries
  • Create an action plan for the change
Course Content
  • Anatomy of Conflict in Organization
  • Industrial Relations Climate in India
  • Role of trade union and management
  • Developing Integrative Negotiation
  • Industrial Relations Laws and Cooperation
  • Appreciate Inquiry – Partner in Progress
  • Need, Interest, Growth as a partner
Who can Attend?

The program will be useful to the leaders of middle and senior-level executives those who have large people facing roles such as Head – Production Control, Head Operation, Head – HR, etc. The program also aims to cover the top trade union leaders who represent the employees in the negotiation process. It will be a bonanza to have a representative of top management and trade union leaders from the same organization. The program expects participation from both the public and private sector across industry and government organizations.


Interested candidates can register for the MDP by clicking here. The last date to register is November 11, 2019.


Phone Number: +91-495-2809100

For further details, click here.

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