CFP: Materials for Energy Storage @ Department of Science & Technology: Submit by May 31: Expired

Department of Science & Technology is seeking to support novel energy storage research proposals addressing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Materials and materials design

Projects should seek to improve the lifetime and performance of energy storage devices through improved materials design and development. Projects should seek to achieve performance advances in terms of energy and power density, together or separately, as they are important for future energy storage devices.

  • Diagnostics

Projects should seek to improve the tools and methodologies needed to understand and predict the characteristics and performance of energy storage materials, components, devices and systems, under different conditions and at different length and time scales. Development of methodologies to diagnose energy storage systems under prevailing conditions with sufficient speed and accuracy to enable the efficient and safe operation of the system.
Call for Proposals
The proposers are encouraged to consider following aspects in their proposals where appropriate:

  • Modelling as a tool to facilitate development of computational materialswith next-generation computing, artificial intelligence (machine learning), and robotics tools, with the aim of creating a more fully integrated approach.
  • The manufacturability of new materials and devices including scale-up and Cost.
  • End of life aspects should be considered from an early stage to ensure new  devices stand the best chance of minimising environmental impact down the line.
  • Application and integration of materials into device.


  • Research Stream (Stream A) : Rs. 1 Crore maximum
  • Technology Stream (Stream B): Rs. 3 Crore maximum

3 years maximum.
Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit the proposal online here.
  • Soft copy of Project Proposal is to be e-mailed (Subject Captioned: Call for Research & Technology Proposals on “Materials for Energy Storage” (MES) – 2017 / Stream Name / PI Name) to ranjith.krishnapai@gov.in by May 31.

For complete guidelines, visit here.
For any queries, contact

  • Dr. Ranjith Krishna Pai
    E-mail: ranjith.krishnapai@gov.in
For any further information, visit here

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