Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Master’s Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance) 2019 is designed to further qualify future leaders in politics, law, economics and administration according to the principles of good governance and to prepare them in a praxis-oriented course for their professional life.

Very good graduates with a first university degree get the chance to obtain a master’s degree in disciplines that are of special relevance to the social, political and economic development of their home country.

The knowledge and experience acquired in Germany should enable the scholarship holders to later contribute to the establishment of democratically oriented economic and social systems aimed at overcoming social differences. With this programme, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) intends to contribute to the support of good governance and civil society structures in selected partner countries and regions.


The main DAAD criteria for selection are the following:

  • the study results so far, knowledge of English (and German), political and social engagement, a convincing description of the subject-related and personal motivation for the study project in Germany and the expected benefit when returning to the home country.
  • The latest university degree should have been obtained during the six years prior to the application for the scholarship.
  • Applicants cannot be considered if they have stayed in Germany for more than 15 months at the time of the application deadline.


  • Please submit your applications for the selected master`s courses and for the DAAD scholarship to the respective universities only (not to DAAD). The application period at all 8 universities lasts from Jun 1 to Jul 31.
  • Applications have to be submitted in German or English.
  • Applicants are allowed to submit your application for up to two masters courses.
  • For more details about the application, visit here.


For any queries, contact

  • Phone: +91 (11) 6646-5500
  • E-Mail: info@daaddelhi.org
For any further information, visit the brochure here

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