Mar Athanasius College of Engineering MUN [Ernakulam, March 2-4]


Over the past four years, Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, Kerala in association with the online all student-run College Newsletter, THE MACE POST, has been organizing the MACE Model United Nations (MACE MUN) Conference. Selected committees of the United Nations are simulated with specified country matrices per committee.
An agenda addressing a real-world concern which plagues the idea of the peaceful existence of the global citizens will be decided upon by the judges of each committee, hereafter referred to as the Executive Board.
Interested candidates will apply and will be allotted a country each based on the aforementioned matrices per committee and also their experience. These allotted candidates,¬†hereafter referred to as delegates, will have to extensively research their country’s stance on the agenda.
Also, they will have to master their country’s foreign policy and the act of diplomatic debate. They will have to research and present their country’s concerns and proposed solutions (adhering to their national interests as well) with the seriousness of an actual delegate of the United Nations.
Parallelly, to keep up with the proceedings of the committees, another faction of participants, hereafter referred to as the members of the International Press (IP) will be in charge of documenting the proceedings of the conference.
The IP will be headed by the Head of the International Press, Editor in Chief and The Head of the International Press Photography. The Delegates, International Press Photographers and Reporters will be judged by the Executive Board, Head of International Press Photography ,Head of International Press and Editor in Chief respectively, on the basis of their performance in committee.
We are back this time with the much awaited Fifth Edition, MACE MUN 2018, aimed to scale higher and amalgamating a perfect blend of Diplomacy, Debating and Display of leadership skills at its finesse by endorsing the ability to APPREHEND the crises at hand, ACKNOWLEDGE everyone’s stances, faults and solutions and ACCORD in good

  • International Press
  • UN Security Council
  • Continuous Crisis Committee

Delegate Registrations to open shortly, visit the link given here.

For more details, visit official website link here.

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