Manthan Samvaad Lecture [Hyderabad, Oct 2]; No Registration Fee: Registrations Open: Expired

Manthan Samvaad
Manthan is a forum to promote public discourse. It aims to promote vibrant, meaningful, intelligent conversations in many ways. It is one-of-its-kind initiative in the country which aims to engage citizens from all walks of life.
In 12 years, since 2005, it has hosted 220+ talks by Thought Leaders from across the world, on the widest variety of subjects. On Facebook Groups, countless debates happen daily on all kinds of issues. Manthan is apolitical, non-partisan, and a voluntary initiative. It has over 13000 opt-in members.
All events of Manthan, including Manthan Samvaad, are free to participate by anyone without payment of any kind. Manthan does not charge a membership fee.
On October 2, every year since 2013, the finest minds come to deliver talks on things that matter. This is a festival of thoughts and ideas!
This year too is bound to be both exciting and stimulating. Do not miss it.
Tel: 040-66360000

For more details, please visit this link.

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