Make-A-Ton 2019 Innovation Competition @ Galgotias University [Noida, April 4]: Registrations Open: Expired

Galgotias University Make-A-TonInnovation and entrepreneurship are at the peak in India. In order to make development a comprehensive mass movement and innovate on all fronts, the School of Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering of Galgotias University has come up with MAKE-A-TON 2019.


MAKE-A-TON is a unique open innovation model for identifying new and disruptive technology innovations to solve the challenges faced in our country. It’s a non-stop product development competition, where problem statements are posed to technology students for innovative solutions.
It can help to:

  • Harness creativity & expertise of students Spark institute-level Build funnel for ‘Startup India’ campaign.
  • Crowdsource solutions for improving governance and quality of life.
  • Provide opportunity to citizens to provide innovative solutions to India’s daunting problems.
  • Biomedical devices.
  • Agriculture & Rural Development.
  • Smart Vehicles.
  • Robotics and Drones.
  • Waste management.
  • Renewable Energy.
  • Security & Surveillance.
  • Application Development.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Miscellaneous.

Click here to Register.

  • Sudhanshu Agarwal: +91-8588075444
  • Sakshi Singh: +91-9990723408
For more information, click here.

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