Madras Institute of Technology’s Fest Automeet 2018 [Jan 5-6]: Registrations Open

Automeet is one of the most revered and recognisable national level symposium in South India. We are the benchmark for the standards of Automobile symposium for the South of India and this shows as we receive record windfall number of students, year on year, who frequent our in-demand workshops and competitions.
Automeet is a hallmark of pride and continued belief of educating the young indian automotive fraternity through a vibrant, competitive atmosphere. Automeet 2018 realises this potential by offering workshops and events.

  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Autotronics
  • IC Engines
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

For more details about the workshops, visit here.
Technical Events:

  • Auto Quiz
  • CAD Masters
  • Chassis Design
  • Mini Turbo
  • Poster Presentation
  • Royal Mechanic
  • Sedan Sherlock
  • Throttle Up
  • Truss Threshold

For more details, visit here.
Non-Technical Events:

  • PitStop
  • Royal Rembrandt
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Unveil the Image
  • Sixth Sense

For more details, visit here.

  • Registrations for the events will be on the spot.
  • For workshop registrations, visit here.

For any queries, contact

  • Call: +91 9043690719
  • Mail:
For any further information, visit the website here.

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