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Learning Societies UnConference LSUC 2020 [Sardarshahr, Rajasthan, March 4-8]: Register by Jan 30

Registrations for LSuC 2020 (Learning Societies Unconference) are now open.
The Learning Societies UnConference (LSuC 2020) seeks to bring together all kinds of people who are resisting monoculture and co-creating diverse learning communities, sustainable learning spaces, creative un/learning processes, etc. for new models of happiness, well-being, decolonization, and Swaraj. What are your experiments with expanding human consciousness?
It was initiated by Shikshantar Andolan and many friends in 2002, see
We are inviting all alternative educators, homeschoolers, unschoolers, worldschoolers, cultural creatives, artists, upcyclers designers, activists, healers, organic farmers, eco-architects, spiritual explorers, giftivists and community-builders, grandmothers, social entrepreneurs, ecologists, crazy walkouts, etc. to JOIN US in SARDARSHAHR from March 04-08, 2020.
We are requesting that you stay at the Learning Societies Unconference for a minimum of 4 days – anything less means that you will miss out on too much and you will not be able to contribute much to co-creating the unconference process/energy. We will not accept participants who are coming for only 1 or 2 days.
CO-HOSTED BY: Shikshantar Andolan · Swashikshan Association of Indian Homeschoolers · Vikalp Sangam · Multiversities Alliance · Abhivyakti Media for Development · Digital Empowerment Foundation · Banyan Tree Bookstore · Moved by Love · Blue Ribbon Movement · YES Jam · Aikyam Network for Sustainable Living · Zero Waste Lifestyle-India · Dariya Dil Dukaan.
lsuc 2020: learning societies unconference
To get a better sense of what the Learning Societies Unconference can look like, read this link here.
Also, look at this link here.
The Learning Societies UnConference is entirely organized in the spirit of gift culture. We feel everyone is a volunteer, a teacher, a co-creator with many gifts to share to help build the larger community.
The suggested contribution for LSuC 2020 is Rs. 6000 per person (inclusive for registration, food, and accommodation).
You can contribute whatever you are able to from your heart. Lack of money should not deter you from attending or from full participation. Contact us if you have difficulty getting there.
learning societies unconference team at work
The LSuC 2020 is going to be held in Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan. The 2019 LSuC was held at Centurion University Odisha.
Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) was founded in 1950, on a 1200- acre piece of land, on one of the harshest and most backward terrains. Acutely prone to droughts, heat and cold waves, epidemics and other travesties of nature, GVM has striven to alleviate the acute backwardness through various permanent and adhoc programmes of education, culture, livelihood, health, and hygiene, vocations etc.
GVM is nestled like an oasis in the Thar desert, near the town of Sardarshahr in India’s north-western state of Rajasthan. It is about 300 km west of Delhi, 125 km east of Bikaner and 230 km north of Jaipur (connected by rail and road).
Here is a link to google location for GVM.

To register for LSuC 2020, please fill the form here by January 30, 2019.


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