Volunteering Opportunity with Lha Charitable Trust, Dharamshala: Applications Open

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Lha is the largest volunteer host and coordination organization in the Tibetan refugee community of Dharamsala, India. A wide array of meaningful volunteer opportunities are available for both skilled and unskilled individuals. Most volunteers work directly with Lha. Some are placed throughout the community with other NGOs.

We offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with the Tibetan refugee, local Indian, and Himalayan communities while gaining hands-on experience working with a non-profit, community social work organization.


Lha’s office is located in central McLeod Ganj, Upper Dharamsala – a town nestled in the ridges and foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. Mcleod Ganj has become a hub of Tibetan life due to an influx of refugees settling here after fleeing the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959.

Dharamsala became the new home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile. There are over 10,000 resident Tibetans in Dharamsala, which is home to numerous Tibetan organizations, monasteries, nunneries and schools.

Lha has been serving the community for over 10 years and in that time has worked within a wider network of local member organizations, providing a vital and welcoming resource center to the community. If necessary, we are happy to redirect your inquiry to other local organizations where your skills will be of greatest benefit.


1) To provide a meaningful variety of social services to Tibetan refugees as well as to the
local Indian population as well as people from the Himalayan region.
2) To provide Tibetan refugees with educational and health services, as well as the skills
and assistance needed to build a new life in exile.
3) To facilitate meaningful mutual learning and cultural exchange experiences between
Tibetans, volunteers, and groups of students who visit from countries around the world.
4) To create awareness about the Tibetan refugee situation and preserve the endangered
Tibetan culture.


As a volunteer with Lha, you will be immersed in the fascinating culture of the people you are serving, develop friendships, learn about issues currently facing the Tibetan refugee community and create positive change in the lives of others.

At Lha, we aim to connect volunteers with opportunities, thereby creating valuable and unforgettable experiences. We offer relevant services and comprehensive courses and programs to our community, working within the wider network of other non-profit and governmental organizations in the local area.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

When working for Lha, volunteers are expected to:
• Participate in a cooperative team effort to achieve the goals of the organization
• Fulfill the individual agreement with the organization in a reliable and dependable manner
• Be willing to accept direction from the supervisor
• Accept the privacy and dignity of staff, beneficiaries fellow volunteers, etc and follow
the organization guidelines for privacy and confidentiality
• Advise the supervisor as soon as possible with respect to any change in availability
• Maintain a positive, optimistic, and non-judgmental attitude
• Represent the interest of the organization – not yourself
• Give feedback, communicating relevant important information
• Have a good understanding of Lha’s programs
• Ask for support when it is needed
• Please do not engage in unofficial conversations. It makes the office environment
noisy during working hours.
• The use of office computers without prior consent from a staff member is strictly prohibited.
• All casual discussion or gossiping must take place in the library, on the roof, or outside
of the Lha Office.
• All properties of Lha must be handled with care including books, computers,
photocopier, stationery, kitchen-wares, etc. Any damage(s) caused shall
be compensated by the responsible person.
• All Lha properties as well as materials may only be used for Lha purposes and may not be
removed from the office premises.


Email: office@lhasocialwork.org
Phone: +91 (0) 1892-220992
Mobile: +91(0) 9882323455, +91 9882323455

For more details on Lha Charitable Trust volunteering opportunities, please visit the official website here.

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