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Call for Papers on Artificial Intelligence and Technology by Legal Foxes: No Fee, Submit by May 30

About the Organisation

Legalfoxes is registered firm operating from Gurgaon, Haryana and Mostly active in Supreme Court, High Courts (Pan India), Delhi District Courts and All Tribunals. Parton of the firm is Mr. Ashwani Kumar Dubey (AOR SUPREME COURT) and managed by Mr. Atin Handuja (Founder and CEO, Legalfoxes).


  1. Artificial Intelligence/Technology which can be Introduced to make lives of people successful.
  2. Artificial/Technology which can be Introduced In the Legal Profession

What to Cover?

It can be a paper, Article or Proposal which contain what technological reforms can be introduced which benefits the society say

There was a need for taxi service so Uber introduced app-based taxis, such ideas are welcome which are need for the hour and are not there in society, it can be through software, mobile application or a website, it can also contain what other countries are doing and what things they have implemented in the society.

Another part can contain technological reforms in legal profession what new technology can be Introduced to make the legal profession easier and simpler.

Submission Guidelines

  1. It should be in MS Word format.
  2. There shall be an appropriate title of the manuscript.
  3. The manuscript shall be original and unpublished.
  4. The submission shall be grammatically correct and free from any spelling mistakes.
  5. The full names of all the author(s) must be given.
  6. There shall be a uniform method for citation in the manuscript.

Word Limit

No word limit.

How to Submit?

Kindly register here. After registering, email the paper at lawfoxes[at]gmail.com.


  • Best papers will be published in the journal and certificate of publication will be given to top 25 papers.
  • There are cash prizes, Trophies, Certificate and for best Ideas/Papers.

Fee Details

There is no registration and publication fee.

Contact Details

E-mail: lawfoxes[at]gmail.com

Rimjhim Sharma: 7838643353

Devshree Dua: 9650323344

In case of registration, queries call/whatsapp here: +919350096894

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