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Leadership Summit 2020: Navigating Workplace Turbulence by BML Munjal University [Aug 21-22, 11:00 AM]: Registration Open

About the Organiser

BML Munjal University is a fully residential and co-educational private university located in Sidhrawali, Gurgaon district, Haryana, India. The University was founded in 2014 by the promoters of the Hero Group and is named after the group’s chairman and founder Brij Mohan Lall Munjal.


The future of work and the workplace is undergoing a tectonic shift. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is upon us, with disruptive technology rapidly changing our personal and professional lives. This puts a big question mark on organizational structure and on human resource allocation in organizations that are strongly leveraging new technologies. Furthermore, with the pandemic leading to work-from-home as the new normal, monumental changes are envisaged in the work landscape.
It is not clear how organization reorganization will take place, how many layoffs there will be, what kind of upskilling will be required, and there is also haziness over how strategic HRM will pan out in terms of attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining talent in these disruptive times.
To reflect and better understand the turbulent work landscape in India, BML Munjal University is organizing a summit in which a host of CXO & CHRO leaders will discuss how businesses should now adopt new identities, rethink roles, create new meanings, recreate strategies, recalibrate, and move forward.

Why the Summit?

They are inviting experts from the industry – largely CXOs and CHROs – to discuss the evolutionary & revolutionary changes in the work landscape during turbulent times. While we were already moving towards Industry: 4.0, we want to uncover, debate, and understand how the advent of Covid has propelled this evolution. The platform will help us explore the associated risks and opportunities in the future.
In this summit, we will also be launching the insights of a survey which will be conducted across a wide spectrum of CHROs from various industries to get an overview of changing dynamics. This will serve as a launching pad for a white paper on Leadership in such unprecedented times.

Target Audience
  • Recruiters
  • HR professionals
  • Academic leaders
  • Counsellors
  • Students

21st AUGUST 2020 | DAY ONE

  • Panel 1: Managing work during the Pandemic
  • Panel 2: Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship

22nd AUGUST 2020 | DAY TWO

  • Panel 3: How smart is your workplace?
  • Panel 4: Upskilling: Future-proof yourself from uncertainty
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the summit through this link.
BML Leadership Summit NB

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