Lawctopus Webinar on ‘IP Strategy and Valuation’ and ‘Patent Protection’ [April 26, Sunday, 3 PM-4.30 PM]: Register Now


To celebrate World IP day (April 26), Lawctopus (a sister-concern of NoticeBard) is organising a webinar around IPR-related themes.

Topic: Webinar on IP Strategy and Patent Protection


Speakers’ profile:

Priggya Arora

priggya arora 150x150 1Priggya Arora is a young, strategic and responsive lawyer who founded PA Legal after catering domestic and foreign clientele from multidisciplinary industries at a well-reputed law firm. She is experienced in providing end to end services in the domain of Intellectual Property, right from conceptualisation and strategy building, to grant, defense, enforcement and commercialisation.

Priggya holds Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar and LL.B. (Hons) in IPR from reputed IIT Kharagpur Law School. With a strong educational background in law and technology, she has expertise in handling intellectual property matters related to the field of software, electrical, mechanical, electronics, telecommunications and robotics.

Topics Priggya will address:

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • Various Forms of IP
  • Basics of Patent Protection
    • Patent and Patent Rights
    • Patentability Criteria
    • Patent Grant Procedure (India)
    • Patent Grant Procedure (PCT/International)
    • Drafting and Structure of a Patent Application
    • Common Mistakes during Lifecycle of a Patent Application

Pulkit Popli

pulkit popliPulkit Popli is an Intellectual Property Portfolio Manager, currently working in a Sydney based IP consulting company. He completed his Engineering in Biotechnology in 2014 and LL.B in IP Honors in 2017 from RGSOIPL, IIT Kharagpur. Pulkit has over 2.5 years of experience.

He has worked with Deloitte Australia and KPMG India as an IP Consultant, where he worked on various projects related to IP Valuations, Strategy, Patent Analytics & Commercialisation, and M&A Valuations. During his professional career, Pulkit has been part of multiple projects for Fortune 500 and ASX 100 companies, as well as various start-ups on intellectual property and finance-related issues.

Topics that will be covered by Pulkit:

  • IP Strategy and Portfolio Management
  • IP Policy
  • IP Commercialisation
  • IP Due Diligence and Valuation


  • Date: April 26 (Sunday)
  • Time: 3 PM-4.30 PM
  • Fee: The webinar is open and free to attend.
  • Note: Participants will be on mute and can ask questions over chat or the Q and A box.
  • Platform: Zoom. We are taking all precautions suggested by the public authorities.

Certificate: Many of you have asked us for certificates for attending our webinars. We understand that this is useful for many. Attendees wishing to get an e-certificate will be charged Rs. 300 (logistics and processing fee).

This helps us take care of our costs. You can get the certificate after answering a simple MCQ-test which will be based on the webinar.

Target audience:

  • Law students
  • Young lawyers and IP practitioners
  • IP faculty
  • Startups and business owners
  • Inventors and those wishing to protect their IP

Register for the webinar by clicking on this link.



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