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Lawctopus Free Webinar on French Constitutional System: A Comparative Perspective [Nov 10, Tue, 5-6:30 pm]: Register Now!

Lawctopus Law School presents a free and open webinar on the French Constitutional System: A comparative Perspective by Sandeep Suresh, Asst. Professor at Jindal Global Law School.

The following will be the focus points:
  • Structure of the Government: What is Semi Presidentialism?
  • Courts: Structure, Hierarchy and Foundational Principles
  • Scope of Judicial Review and Separation of Powers
  • Laïcité: The French Model of Secularism

The discussion, wherever necessary, will be infused with comparable aspects of the Indian constitutional system as well.

About the Speaker

Sandeep SureshSandeep Suresh is an Asst. Professor, Asst. Dean (Academic Affairs), and the Asst. Director (Legal Aid Clinic) at Jindal Global Law School. There, he teaches Criminal Procedure and Legal Methods & Judicial Process. He obtained his LL.B. from the National Law University, Jodhpur (2015) and LL.M. in Comparative Constitutional Law from the Central European University, Budapest (2017).

At CEU, he was awarded the Master’s Excellence Scholarship to pursue the LL.M., won the Research Award for best academic performance in the fall term, and was granted the highest grade for his Thesis on compulsory voting and its constitutionality.

Before joining JGLS, Sandeep worked as a Research & Litigation Associate at the Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore (2015) on issues concerning the right to education, disability rights, and women rights. He also served a brief stint at Daksh, Bangalore (2016) as their Research Consultant on projects relating to access to justice and judicial administration. His areas of research and thought are procedural law, equality law, electoral law, political rights, separation of powers, and judicial review.


Day, Date, Time: Tuesday, November 10, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Platform: Zoom (with all mandated safeguards in place)

Fees: Free

Certificates: No. Please attend it for your knowledge and insights.

Questions: Participants will be on mute and can ask questions via the Q and A box.

Register for the Webinar here.


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