Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu’s Training Programs and Workshop [Python, Data Mining]

Kongu Engineering College (KEC) was established in the year 1984. Approved by AICTE, New Delhi affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The Institution has completed 33 years of dedicated and excellent service in the field of technical education. The institution offers 14 UG, 19 PG and 16 Research Programmes in Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Institution is one among the best self financing engineering colleges.

  • Hands on Training on Data Mining Tools (Jan 20) 

Program topics:

  • Introduction to Data mining
  • Data mining tasks
  • WEKA hands on training for various data mining functionalities:
    Data pre-processing
    Association rule mining
    Distributed environment setup
    Knowledge flow
  • Case study

Registration Fees: Rs. 590
Last date for registration: Jan 10

For further information, visit here.
  • Hands on Training on Python Programming (Jan 20)

Program topics:

  • Environment setup for python programming
  • Data Interpretation with Python
  • Simple programs in python using control and looping structures
  • Program on dictionary and tuples in python
  • Programs on functions, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • File manipulation in python
  • Database connection using MySQL
  • Designing GUI Application
  • Database connection using Oracle

Registration Fees: Rs. 590
Last Date for Registration: Jan 10

For any further information, visit here.
  • Workshop On Data Analytics using Python (Feb 23)

Program topics:

  • Introduction
  • Data Structures- Strings, Tuples, List,Sets and Dictionary
  • Functions
  • Python Libraries
  • Files and Exception Handling
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Database Programming- CRUD Operation
  • Data Loading and Storage
  • Data Analysis Algorithms
  • Plotting
  • Visualization

Registration Fees: Rs. 590
Last Date for Registration: Feb 17
Candidates can register here.

For any further information, visit here.

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