Over the last 7 years, the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition has turned into an international brand. It has been the largest festival in Asia and has hosted GFA winners, composers who are in fact living legends, Grammy award winners including Nikita Koshkin, Roland Dyens and David Russell.

Spanish Guitar Competition by the Embassy of Spain in India and the Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi. This is the 4th edition of the competition, with prizes that include a concert at the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi.This is the fourth national-level classical guitar competition by the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi and Embassy of Spain in India.

Previous editions were held in 2007 in association with the Delhi School of Music and in 2009 in association with the Bangalore School of Music, with the intention of fostering an interest in Spanish music and culture in India. In 2016 the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival revived this competition. It is now an annual event, the only national-level classical guitar competition in the country, and takes place each December at the Calcutta School of Music

Venue: ICCR, 9A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071


1ST PRIZE OPEN CATEGORY (18-30 years):

  • A recital at the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi
  • Presented by the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi
  • This will be a formal 1-hour classical guitar recital at the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi in the Summer-Autumn season of 2018.
  • The prize includes travel to Delhi, accommodation and hospitality for 2 nights in Delhi and an honorarium of Rs 10,000 towards the performance.
  • Strings and guitar accessories presented by Savarez

1ST PRIZE JUNIOR CATEGORY (below 18 years): Strings and guitar accessories by Savarez

How to apply:

You can register here.

Set pieces:

Open Category: 18-30 years of age
Set piece: Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega
Time limit: 12 minutes

Junior Category: upto 18 years of age
Set piece: Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega
Time limit: 8 minutes

Candidates must perform the set piece from their category and any other piece, ensuring they remain within their time limit. The time limit includes the total time allotted to each competitor on stage including performance of pieces, their introduction, guitar tuning, etc.


  • The Spanish Guitar Competition 2017 is open to Indians only.
  • Candidates must satisfy the age limits. The winner from the junior and senior will have to produce identity proof showing date of birth and nationality.
  • Candidates must use a proper classical guitar with nylon strings for the competition.
  • The music played by the competitors has to include the set competition piece and any other piece(s).
  • Repeats are not required. Da capos should be performed.
  • Competitors should wear formal concert dress at the competition.
  • While on stage, competitors should say a few words about the music they have chosen for the competition and it should not be for more than a couple of minutes each.


5AB, 5th floor,Hastings Chambers,
7C, Kiran Sankar Roy Road,
Kolkata 700001,
+91 9674252642
+91 33 22426439/6440/6441
[email protected]

For further information, check out here

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