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KIITFEST 5.0 Techno-Cultural Fest @ Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology [Odhisa, Dec 16-18]: Registrations Open

About KIIT University

KIIT Group of Institutions is a group of institutions run by KIIT Education Society in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. It includes KIIT University, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences and other institutes.

About KIIT Fest
KIIT FEST – The Annual techno-cultural college fest of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. It is one of the largest fests of the Eastern paradise of India.

KIIT FEST – A reckoning revolution of creativity, intellect and mirth catapulted into a conduit of harnessing True Participation and Pure Valediction! The Eastern Gateway of India, Odisha shelters the most accommodating varsity with students from all spheres and a wide-spread area span of 25 square kilometres. Our fest has been the defining stage for 25,000+ active participants from different premiere institutions all over the country. -A THREE DAY Quest for the UNDYING SPIRIT. TRANQUILITY, TRANCE AND VIVACITY. “VENI, VIDI, VICI”


Technical Events will be conduced by:

  1. School of Electrical Engineering
  2. School of Management
  3. School of Biotechnology
  4. School of Computer Science
  5. School of Computer Application
  6. School of Electronics Engineering
  7. School of Mechanical Engineering
  8. School of Civil Engineering

Cultural Events are:

  1. Frozen in Time: A pencil, a brush & few colors or sometimes may be just one of these is enough to create a piece of art that can make people stop and wonder. Our aim this time is to stop not just at wondering but create such pieces that make people wonder. Something which can bring about a change and can make a positive impact on people and it’s surrounding(socially) and which can give a new outlook towards living thus creating a constructive effect in our time, is decided as the theme of our event.
  2. Fuego: Fuego gives you a platform to showcase the inbuilt performer and artist within you.
  3. Chitra: Are you a person who can paint the canvas with the art of writing, acting, cinematography, editing and directing. If yes,then you are a filmmaker.
  4. Alankaar: It is a solo singing competition which comprises of two rounds which are prelims and finals. Sing to your heart’s content and be the heartthrob you always wanted to be.
  5. Open Sesame: Open Sesame is our take on combining writing skills and oration, emoting with words and expressing with your voice in a unique poetry slam.
  6. Mismatch, the Masterchef: We want to discover the Masterchef inside you and participate in this event to have some fun and play with food with some creative and innovative cuisines of your choice.So, take out the cutlery, strap on the apron, pack all of them ingredients and a pinch of your secret! Light the burner, smoke the chimney, stir the pan and taste that gravy.

Quiz events are:

  1. Biz-tech Quiz: Do you know the founders of which company had considered the names “Cargo House” and “Pequod” before settling on the current name inspired by the book Moby Dick? Or what do we call a person opposed to any kind of technological innovation?
  2. Flames Quiz: This quiz will be conducted by the fiery Abhinav Dhar. Thrown into this quizzing crucible will be such varied topics as Food/Fashion, Literature, Arts/Architecture, Music, Entertainment, Sports.
  3. Travel, Living, Culture: The sanskaari Navin Rajaram, quizmaster for our quiz, is bringing us an edifying India, Travel and Culture quiz. Learn about our rich Indian heritage and be enthralled by questions on different world cultures.

Phone: +91 8114382208

E-mail: techsupport@kiitfest.org

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.


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