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Khoj’s Art+Science Residency [Delhi, March 1-29]; Grants Worth Upto 3 Lakhs: Apply by Sep 30: Expired

Khoj Proposals Art Science
Deadline for Preliminary proposals: 30 September, 2017
Announcement of Grantees: 15 October, 2017
Residency Period: 1 to 29 March, 2018
Open Day: 29 March, 2018
Khoj’s interest in Art and Science is in promoting a dialogue between artists and scientific concepts, phenomena and technology through practice. It fosters the creation of new expert knowledge in the arts by extending artists’ practice in connection with fundamental research.
Instituted by Khoj and supported by Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, the Art + Science programme is designed to advance projects that explore artistic applications of emerging thoughts and technologies with the help of partners from the scientific industry and academia.
This year the Art + Science Grant will fund a small number of projects that engage emerging themes around science and technology. The grant consists of a six month research and development period culminating into a four-week residency and Open Studio at Khoj Studios in Spring 2018.
The Art + Science grant program is open to individual artists and artist collectives. Grants given through the program will provide financial support of up to INR 3 Lakhs per project to cover artist fees and direct costs, including materials.
In addition, recipients may be supported in-kind by the teams at Khoj and the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, which includes representatives from diverse areas of research ranging from Health to the Internet. Of particular interest are exploratory ideas and proposals that leave room for refinement in collaboration with scientists, technologists and KHOJ.
The scientists for this edition work across and are interested in Biological Sciences, Genomics, Regenerative medicine, Internet and Science, Myth and Science, Health and Disease, Infections, Genetic Engineering, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Perception and alternate or augmented reality and Human/machine, Mars, Terra-forming and Astronomy, interface, robotics; sensorial and extra-sensorial interfaces etc.
Particular areas of interest include the following:

  • The Internet.
  • Science-Fiction
  • Health, Medicine and disease.
  • Issues of perception and alternate, augmented or virtual reality.
  • Human/machine interface; robotics; sensory and extrasensory modes of perception.
  • Space, exploration and new frontiers.
  • The Politics of Science and Technology.
  • Science and Myth.

Application guidelines:
Please send the application materials as a PDF email attachment to applications@khojworkshop.org, with supporting materials as hyperlinks, jpegs and/or PDFs. The application should include:

  • Name of the project.
  • A one sentence description of the work for which you are seeking support.
  • A full proposal describing the project (2000 words maximum).
For more details, please visit this link.

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