kanthari Leadership Training Program 2020 [12 Months, Thiruvananthapuram]: Apply by Feb 20

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By: Usha | 12 Feb 2020 1:09 PM

kanthari in Trivandrum, Kerala, South of India, offers a 12 month, scholarship based leadership program for visionaries who have overcome adversity and who are keen to drive ethical social change anywhere in the world. kanthari will equip participants with all tools that are required to start and run an own NGO / social enterprise or social venture.

Some have university degrees while others have little to no formal education; Some are blind or physically disabled, others have no disabilities at all.

What is important is a sense of ownership, motivation, creativity, talent and passion to create a positive social impact.

kanthari welcomes participants over 22 years of age (there is no upper age limit) who have overcome significant life challenges ranging from vision impairment, disability, poverty, war, discrimination, and exploitation. They could also be witnesses to social situations they wish to change so others do not suffer. They should have a passion to make the world a better place and the strength to be forces of good rather than be victims of circumstance.

Applicants must speak and understand basic English and have basic computer skills. 

kanthari’s twelve month program will help participants develop all necessary skills to succeed as social change-makers so they can start and run own NGO’s, Social enterprises or social ventures.

Application Process

Before applying, ask yourself

Am I willing to be committed, 100%, to making my goals/dreams/vision and social project come true continuing even after the 12 months program?

Am i willing…

  • to come to the institute with a spirit of integrity, mutual respect, exchange, contribution and teamwork?
  • to help others achieve their goals and develop their skills in the areas which I consider myself an expert?
  • to participate in all activities giving 100% every time in terms of my knowledge, experience, energy, effort, creativity and talent?
  • to commit 12 months to the kanthari course of which 7 months of that period in India and 5 Months at the place where the impact needs to be made
  • I am 100% committed to work intensively on developing my social entrepreneurship and leadership skills?
  • If you are blind and/or partially sighted; am i flexible, mobile, independent in my actions and thoughts?

Only if the answer is 100% YES to all the above questions you are a potential candidate and we would encourage you to apply for the kanthari program.

To ensure high quality training, kanthari accommodates a maximum of 25 participants per academic year who are chosen through a stringent five-step selection process.

Step 1: Application via online application form. kanthari will get a clear understanding of you, your project and vision for social change.
Step 2: Initial interview In which our intake team will interview you over Skype to get a feel for your passion and clarity in regards to your chosen project. We will also answer any questions you may have about the program and application process.
Step 3: Write up of an Essay In which you write about your history, your challenges, how you have dealt with these, and about your vision for social change.
Step 4: Follow up Interview This Skype interview will be conducted by an independent expert to determine your suitability for this very intense course by building a personality profile.
Step 5: Final interview This Skype interview will be done with the management of kanthari before a final selection decision is made. There will be additional assignments to be completed before arrival in India.

kanthari course that will start in May 2020. Deadline: 20.02.2020


+91 471 2395677

Click here for the official website.


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