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JOB POST: Postdoctoral Fellow-Gene Editing and Systems Biology at EMBL Heidelberg: Apply by July 7

EMBL, Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences, is an intergovernmental research institute with more than 80 independent research groups across six sites in Europe. The Steinmetz Lab works across two sites at EMBL Heidelberg and Stanford University and is one of the world’s leading labs in technology development for functional genomics.

The Steinmetz group at EMBL Heidelberg is seeking for ambitious postdoctoral fellows with interest in gene editing technologies, functional genomics, and systems biology.

They can offer a variety of attractive research projects that are related to our successful ongoing research (precision genome-editing, high-throughput functional genomics, single-cell technologies), but also welcome applicants with promising and forward-looking ideas. Funding can be guaranteed for 2 years, and we support contract extensions for exceptional candidates.

The appointed candidate will be able to work and think independently, but also enjoy interacting in a friendly and collaborative environment.

  • Candidates should hold a PhD in a relevant field with a focus on experimental work, including in cell culture, manipulation of cells, and broad experience in cell and molecular biology.
  • Experience with gene-editing technologies (CRISPR, TALEN, etc.), next-generation sequencing, functional genomics screens and cellular imaging would be an asset.
  • The candidate should be enthusiastic about science, and a good communicator who can build and maintain successful collaborations.
  • Candidates must be creative, highly motivated and well-positioned to lead a scientific project at all stages, from experimental design to manuscript preparation.
  • You will lead the development of novel genomics technologies for cutting edge applications in the fields of functional genomics and systems biology.
  • You will lead project design, perform and analyze experiments, and we expect postdoctoral fellows to take a lead in project organization.
  • You will work in a highly supportive environment with computational biology experts and technical assistance within the lab, and support from the EMBL core facilities and a strong network of collaboration partners.
How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply for the post through this link.

Application Deadline

July 7, 2020

For further details, click here.


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