JOB POST: Solution Delivery Analyst at McKinsey & Co, Gurugram: Applications Open

McKinsey & Co Gurugram invites job applications for Solution Delivery Analyst for the year 2021. Online applications are open on the official website.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2-3 years of experience in analytics/data science; healthcare experience is an advantage
  • Deep interest and skillset in analytics and a passion for improving the way hospitals source and utilize external spend areas from supplies to pharmaceuticals, optimizing the approach to workforce management in health systems, improving clinical operations from reducing length of stay to increasing OR/ED throughput, helping health systems think strategically about capital productivity
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurship, professionalism and presence to succeed in a team-based setting on the ground with clients
  • Enjoy hand’s-on change management and operational implementation involving multiple stakeholders across a hospital organization
  • Sound problem-solvers who can quickly process complex information and present it clearly and simply during change transformation efforts with clients
  • Strong analytical background including knowledge of software/solutions implementation and project management
  • Working Knowledge of SQL and Excel; knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, Tableau, Python, R, R-shiny is a plus
  • Experience working with large datasets, data visualization tools, machine learning and statistics preferred
  • Ability to work well with multi-disciplinary teams across continents/time zones
  • Comfortable traveling up to 80% of the week to a client site.

You will be actively engaged with frontline client teams involved in helping hospitals implement operational improvements and organizational enhancements that boost cost effectiveness and improve quality of care for patients.

In this role, you will bring your healthcare expertise, operational experience and analytical skills to bear on topics ranging from clinical operations to procurement to workforce management and capital productivity. You will leverage your expertise to take ownership of tenure-appropriate client relationships and guide clients through appropriate syndication discussions as well as longer-term frontline implementation projects.

You will develop industry-leading expertise on at least one healthcare analytics asset/solution (e.g. a specific category or delivery solution) and participate in IP development projects contributing to the overall knowledge and capabilities of healthcare analytics. You will be the primary point of contact for growing, scaling and innovating within that asset/solution.

You will support our clients and engagement teams in their use of the solutions to sustainably drive high impact. This involves engaging with client sponsors on a regular basis to drive user adoption, help them with questions regarding solution usage or applicability, etc. You’ll also work with clients and McKinsey consultants in joint problem solving sessions and drive the process of converting/enriching raw client data sources into high value data products required for solutions to deliver business insights for the relevant challenges.

You will have the opportunity to master the analytics/methodology embedded in the solutions as well as the data concepts related to the solution domains. This expertise will be fundamental to delivering a seamless, tech-enabled experience for our client service teams and clients in order to sustainably drive impact in healthcare.

For applications & more details, click below.

JOB POST: Solution Delivery Analyst at McKinsey & Co, Gurugram.

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