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JOB POST: Lab Technician at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai: Applications Open

Apollo Hospitals is hiring candidates for a Biochemistry Technician position. Apollo Hospitals Technologist – Biochemistry position for eligible candidates. For more details on the same, check out all of the information below.

Job description
  • In charge of receiving the samples check the labels on the test tubes whether the name of the patient, order number and also the tests to be done are mentioned.
  • Accesses the lab computer, acknowledges the samples and prints out the requisitions for IP samples.
  • Notes down the time of receiving the samples in the lab.
  • Centrifuges heparinized samples immediately. Waits for the samples collected without anticoagulant to clot prior to centrifuging.
  • Labels the test tubes carefully after entering the patient details and also tests requested in the master register.
  • Transfers plasma/serum into the appropriately labeled test tubes.
  • If special tests are asked for, enters the details of those tests in the respective registers as well as informs the technologist, in case of electrophoresis samples, informs the HOD or the Registrar.
  • If a patient has both routine and also special tests, he separates the sample into two and also freezes the sample for the special tests.
  • Focuses on the samples in any type of, batch giving preference to In patient samples over out patient samples, top priority to samples coming from ICUs, emergency in IP and from MHCs in OP.
  • Transfers the samples to auto analyzer cups after labeling them and writes the results from the auto analyzer monitor once the test is finished.
  • Enters the result, takes a printout and enters the results in appropriate registers.
  • Checks the results for the following:
  • Checks the auto analyzer monitor for any flagged alarms together with the results.
  • If the result is found abnormal, or past the upper detection limitation, repeat the test in dilutions. If the results are not constant, asks for repeat sample & reanalyze the same.
  • Informs the Head of the Department/ or the Registrar prior to releasing such reports.
  • Procedures all blood gas samples, electrolyte samples, cardiac markers and also other urgent samples STAT round the clock.
  • Informs the results immediately on phone to all ICU’s and also Emergency Room.
  • After Cross checking the typed reports, signs on them as well as gives them to the Head of the Department for signature and also dispatches the reports.
  • Throughout the procedure of sample handling, observes aseptic procedures by wearing gloves, apron etc.
  • Authorized to sign all urgent outpatient and also inpatient reports for the Head of the department, Registrar in the lack of the Technologist or Sr. Technician.
  • Responsible to perform regular maintenance procedure for the auto analyzer and also blood gas analyzer as well as other equipment in the laboratory.
  • In the event of any type of errors/ break down of equipment, inform the HOD & biomedical department.
  • Informs the Sr. Technician when any type of kit is getting over or inform purchase dept in the absence of the Sr. Technician.
  • Informs HOD on phone during night shift in occasion of any type of problem.
  • Responsible to take down relevant notes in the duty handover register.
  • Any other responsibility as deemed fit every so often by the Management.

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