JOB POST: Faculty Recruitment at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore: Applications Open

JOB POST: Faculty Recruitment at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore: Applications Open

RRI Raman Research Faculty jobs
RRI Raman Research Faculty jobs

The Raman Research Institute welcomes applications for regular long-term research-staff appointments – Scientists, Associate Professors and Professors. There are no closing dates for the receipt of such applications, which are processed as and when they are received.

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Light & Matter Physics
  • Signal Processing, Imaging & instrumentation
  • Soft Condensed matter
  • Theoretical physics

Applicants must possess a Ph.D. degree, three or more years of post-doctoral experience and an established record of independent research. Mid-career researchers seeking movement are also welcome to apply. While the Institute is basically interested in candidates with a strong background in existing research areas, additional research interests contributing to the breadth would be most welcome.

Criteria for hiring into the Astronomy & Astrophysics group


  • A grasp of the essential physics needed to understand a broad range of Astronomy
  • Demonstrated ability to construct order-of-magnitude (in contrast to dimensional analysis) arguments.
  • Ability to teach some of graduate level courses such as Fundamentals of Astronomy, Research methodology, Research communications, Galaxies & ISM, GR and Cosmology, Radiative Processes, Fluids & Plasmas.
  • To be engaged in working on problems of substance in Astronomy along with demonstrated ability to collaborate with astronomers or theorists who have complementary skills in experimental/observational astronomy or theoretical astrophysics as the case may be.
  • Commitment to engage PhD/VSP students in core research programmes.
Along with one of:
  • Track record of independent research of high quality as evidenced by excellent publication record.
  • Ability and motivation/drive to advance key science goals via experimental astronomy that leverages on the facilities and technical expertise of the Institute and which would be distinctive and competitive.
  • Ability and standing to give the Institute a unique and significant presence in national and international projects, particularly mega-projects of the nation.
  • Proven ability to presciently move across phenomena and into emerging fields.
  • Demonstration of engagement in a diverse and balanced range of research including high-risk high gain problems.
  • Participation record in international meetings in the chosen field of expertise with record of invitations for plenary and review talks.
How to apply?

To apply, please send (a) a Curriculum Vitae, (b) List of Publications mentioning your 5 best publications (c) a resume detailing previous research activities, (d) a statement containing future research plans and (e) Three letters of reference from people familiar with your work to be sent directly to director[at]

The letters of reference should reach us within three weeks from the date of application. It is advised that applicants familiarize themselves with the current research activities at the Institute, including experimental endeavors, while formulating their application

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