JOB POST: Earth Ambassador @International Centre for Culture and Education [Work from Home]: Apply by June 19: Expired


Green (R)evolution – Action against Climate Change is an initiative by International Centre for Culture & Education (ICCE). This initiative is about spreading knowledge on the effects of Climate Change and the actions we can take within our own capacity. It is done through various activities such as certification programs, campaigns & workshops for General Public, Students (School & Colleges) and Corporates.


Each Green (R)evolution Earth Ambassador is entitled to rebate and certificate with official logos on successful completion of their deliverable’s. Earth Ambassadors are public initiators of Green (R)evolution Public Program. As an Earth Ambassador, your key role is to spread awareness about Green (R)evoluon& get participants registered for the program. You may also make use of our e‐posters & write‐ups for online promotions.


It is a work from home opportunity.

  1. As a part of compulsory activity, all the basic program participants will have to promote the plant‐able pencils for Rs. 25/‐ each & use the leaflet along with it to explain the issue of Climate Change & the steps one has to take to prevent it. Participants have to ask the buyers of the pencils to give a miss call on the number marked on the leaflet to support the cause (An email will be sent to them regarding the Plant‐a‐Seed Compton). The fund collected by the participants are performing the activity has to be submitted to ICCE. The Funds are used for Social Activities. If Pencils are not promoted it can be returned to ICCE for dispatch of the certificates. Extra grades are provided for the promoting of extra pencils.
  2. Spread Awareness about the program,
  3. Convince Students to participate in the program.


Applications are invited by individuals above 18 years of age from all around the globe. After which, you’ll receive a call from us for a Telephonic Interview.


  1. Internship Letter
  2. CertificateGreen RevolutionProgram Certificates, Medallions etc.will be sent to the EarthAmbassador. Advance Course Participants will receive an Advanced Certificate and won’t be eligible for College Topper nominations.
  3. Free ICCE Course
  4. 2500-5000(Stipend)

Apply by: 19th Jun `18.


Email us at or call us at 022‐3349‐2121.

For further details, please: Click Here


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