JOB POST: Associate- Operations at Teach for India [Mumbai & Pune]: Applications Open

Applications are invited for Associate- Operations at Teach for India, Mumbai and Pune location for the year 2022. Online applications are open on the official website.

About Teach for India

Teach For India is on a journey to reach an India free of poverty and filled with love by ending educational inequity in our country. Twelve years into our journey we are a movement of 3800 Alumni working at all levels of the education system, who are reaching 1 in 10 children across the country.

These Alumni have graduated from our two-year Fellowship Program where they taught in under-resourced classrooms to put 32,000 low-income children on a different life path. Today, we have 970 Fellows and are the largest pipeline of driven, skilled talent into the educational ecosystem in India.

About the Project

Kids Education Revolution is a project that sits under the Innovation Cell at Teach For India. It was established in 2017 with the pursuit of reimagining education WITH children, not just within TFI’s program and classrooms, but also beyond TFI to explore the possibility of scaling principles that challenge the traditional education system. KER aims to learn and spread out constantly evolving & growing understanding of an excellent education. 

The Phase 4 vision for the Kids Education Revolution is to build a movement of more than 20,000 student leaders who will reimagine education in partnership with their educators and a movement of 2 million people who will advocate and act collectively for educational equity, in partnership with other teams at Teach for India. 

Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group

As an Operations Associate, the role would entail effectively executing various interventions at KER and engaging our 300+ community of revolutionaries and partners towards ed equity and a reimagined education for all children.

The role would include strengthening relationships with external stakeholders, planning and tracking processes, following-up with multiple stakeholders, and reporting to ensure transparent communication. The Associate should be proactive with setting and following structures to streamline and optimize day-to-day operations.


  • 1-3 years of professional experience
  • Experience of having planned and executed complex projects with multiple priorities in a college or work setting
  • Experience of having collaborated effectively with a broad range of individuals and groups
  • Experiences of having taken initiative in the past 
  • Demonstrable ability to work towards ambitious goals in the face of challenges
  • Excellent (written and verbal) communication and Project Management skills
  • Orientation towards innovation (openness, risk taking, embracing failure) and scale (strategic thinking, identification of key levers, making bets)
  • Previous experience in teaching/education would be an added advantage (not mandatory)



  • Project Managing and executing the Conference of the Birds Musical (a large-scale musical, with 30 low-income school students from Pune, based on embodying the constitutional values of Liberty, Equality, Justice, and Fraternity), while investing various stakeholders (Students, Fellows, Staff, external) in the vision and outcomes of the project.
  • Creating spaces and dialogues for diverse individuals, within and outside of the Teach For India community, to strengthen their understanding of the 3 KER Principles and 8Cs and how they can be integrated into classrooms, schools and community.
  • Execution of certain specific interventions that will allow KER to scale its impact in Teach For India’s phase 4. 


  • Ensuring the collection, collation, analysis and communication of data and insights
  • Executing seamless monitoring, evaluation, and reporting activities across the team, in accordance with Teach For India’s Organizational goals, to ensure  continuous learning and efficient documentation in Phase 4
  • Creating and maintaining a system to create, store and share relevant information to be used across team

Fueling a movement of Reimagining Education through Collective action and Advocacy:

  • Building and Maintaining Relationships with the wider Teach For India Team and external partners.
  • Work closely with the team to execute powerful learning experiences for students and educators towards exploring the 3 Principles and 8Cs of KER.
  • Building depth and proof of concept through research, capturing impact, and finding potential innovations and partners to collaborate with.

Building KER into an enduring institution:

  • Create learning opportunities for self towards meeting organisational goals
  • Create learning opportunities for the staff team towards developing a strong organisation
  • Supporting KER in it’s program and interventions wherever needed

As an Associate at Teach For India

  • Contributing to the team goals and priorities beyond individual goals and priorities
  • Serving as an ambassador of the Teach For India brand and an advocate for our work and for educational equity in our country through both internal and external communication after committing time in our classrooms to understand our work more deeply
  • Supporting with key organizational areas such as Recruitment, Selection, Fundraising, Volunteering, Movement Building

Click here to apply for Associate- Operations at Teach for India.

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