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JOB POST: Associates, Policy Researchers and Program Manager at IT for Change [Bengaluru, Delhi]: Applications Open

Applications are invited for the post of  Associates, Policy Researchers and Program Manager at IT for Change.

About IT for Change

IT for Change is an NGO based in Bengaluru, India. IT for Change aims for a society in which digital technologies contribute to human rights, social justice and equity. Most mainstream approaches to digital technologies for development are either techno-utopic or promote a market-fundamentalist approach, often both together.

Post Details

1. Networking Associate
  • Location: Bengaluru/Delhi
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Coordinating with national and international stakeholders from current networks and reaching out to new constituencies for networking and alliance-building opportunities.
    • Developing and putting in place collaborative work protocols and communication processes to ensure alliances are meaningful, productive, and mutually rewarding.
    • Maintaining an organizational calendar and steering processes to maximize key developments in local and global policy spaces, and calendering milestones for annual advocacy events.
    • Ideating, implementing and driving advocacy campaigns and efforts.
    • Facilitating cross-movement and intra/inter coalition dialogue.
    • Organizing online and on-site events and campaigns.
  • Qualifications:
    • Excellent (oral and written) communication, facilitation, and organizing skills in the development sector.
    • Proven track record of at least 3 to 5 years in regional/global network management, partnership building or community building role. This could be experience with global campaigns and coalitions, anchoring advocacy actions, public interest litigation, and/or influencing policy agendas.
    • Experience with managing people, resources, and action plans effectively in asynchronous, semi-formal, and remote arrangements.
    • Familiarity with using digital tools and social media effectively.
    • Keen interest and some experience/immersion in digital justice issues and policy and the willingness and inclination to keep informed of developments in the space.
    • A Master’s degree in social sciences, media studies, and communication or allied fields.
    • Ability to work in short turnarounds, planning and executing campaigns, issuing press notes, and managing high pressure advocacy moments.
  • Desirable:
    • Oral/written fluency in multiple languages.
    • Experience with labor, trade justice, and/or feminist movements.

Interested candidates should apply to jobs-Networking-Associate@itforchange.net with a resume, a dossier of relevant materials from previous campaign experience. Remuneration will be commensurate with prior experience and qualifications.

2. Policy Researchers
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Steering policy and legal research addressing social justice and equity with respect to the pertinent track.
    • Inputting into and supporting policy consultations and other national and global advocacy opportunities in the domain to influence norms development.
    • Assisting with organizing sessions at and attending/presenting at national and international advocacy events.
    • Developing written outputs from research initiatives, including reports and academic articles, media pieces and explainers.
    • Supporting organizational grant development and collaboration and M&E activities of projects.
  • Qualifications:
    • A PhD/Master’s degree for the concerned track (including but not limited to, law, public policy, economics, critical media studies, feminist studies, and other allied degrees).
    • 3+ years demonstrable research experience.
    • Excellent technical and academic writing skills.
    • Training and familiarity in research methodologies.
    • A strong public policy orientation.
    • Experience with managing people, resources, and action plans effectively in asynchronous, global arrangements.
  • Desirable:
    • Oral/written fluency in Kannada/Hindi.
    • Fluency in handling social media platforms for outreach and communications.

Interested candidates should apply to jobs-Policy-Researchers@itforchange.net, with a CV and a writing sample/portfolio. Designation and remuneration will be commensurate with prior experience and qualifications.

3. Program Manager
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Assisting senior management in project planning, tracking, deliverables and communications with external stakeholders, including project donors.
    • Supporting senior management with recruitment processes.
    • Supervising organizational documentation and compliance.
    • Ensuring high quality functioning of organizational administration, including proactively tracking the wider policy context for effecting necessary changes to internal processes.
    • Monitoring project goals across teams based on an overarching organizational calendar.
    • Routinely tracking progress of projects through monthly meetings and regular check-ins with all teams and ensuring timely and efficient completion of key activities and milestones.
    • Interfacing on budgetary and human resource aspects of projects with the accounts team and senior management.
    • Working with the senior management to anticipate project imperatives, including projections for financial and human resources.
    • Managing contractual aspects of the organization’s work with internal and external parties.
    • Coordinating annual cycles for organizational due diligence, including development of the annual report, filing reports with government authorities, internal program assessment protocols, including evaluation, etc.
  • Qualifications:
    • Excellent facilitation, organizing, and time management skills, with demonstrated ability to lead processes for high quality impact.
    • Experience with process documentation and legal compliance.
    • High proficiency in spoken and written English.
    • 5+ year experience in an advanced management role with strong M&E component.
    • Post-graduate degree or appropriate qualification in business administration/ NGO management or related field.
  • Desirable:
    • Oral/written fluency in Kannada.
    • NGO administration experience.

Interested candidates should apply to jobs-program-manager@itforchange.net with a resume. Remuneration will be commensurate with prior experience and qualifications.

4. Senior Associate – Technology
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Providing technology leadership to the organization and team, along with other senior members.
    • Managing the cloud infrastructure of IT for Change as a part of the team. This includes self-hosting several applications for mail, CMS, LMS, MediaWiki, Moodle, project management, desktop publishing, multimedia, HR, and Financial Accounting etc.
    • Customizing the User Interface of applications/CMS used.
    • Undertaking research and development on platforms and tools and keeping organizational understanding at the cutting edge.
    • Lending expertise to organizational media campaigns.
    • Supporting implementation and configuration of applications and platforms for organizational partners.
    • Assisting with advocacy events and attending/presenting at national and international advocacy events.
    • Designing and implementing projects relating to Big Data, analytics, digital (artificial) intelligence.
    • Installing, configuring, using, and troubleshooting different software applications.
  • Qualifications:
    • A Masters or Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or allied education.
    • 5+ years of demonstrable experience in digital technology life cycle, covering system architecture, design, development, and implementation.
    • Excellent technical skills, specifically in developing technical architecture and design.
    • Training and familiarity in development methodologies and technology platforms.
    • A strong public policy orientation.
    • Experience with managing people, resources, and action plans effectively.

Interested candidates should apply to jobs-senior-associate-tech@itforchange.net with a CV, a writing sample/portfolio. Remuneration will be commensurate with prior experience and qualifications.

5. Senior Communications Associate
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Developing and executing creative and high-impact visibility, dissemination and communication strategies for the organization’s active projects, networking, and advocacy efforts.
    • Guiding the organization’s regular public-facing dissemination, including newsletters and social media strategy, for maximizing impact.
    • Reviewing, editing and harmonizing all public-facing content of the organization, including website/s, funder correspondence, concept notes, and reports.
    • Supporting the editorial, production, dissemination, and audience aspects of Bot Populi, an online magazine, started by 7 international organizations including IT for Change.
    • Overseeing the development and design of research and advocacy materials in house, using graphic design software.
    • Supervising, monitoring, and managing the organization’s communication team and ensuring that the strategic vision and goals, annual plans, routine tasks are well understood.
    • Monitoring and evaluating communication strategies, tracking and growing the dissemination footprint of all parts of the organization.
    • Creating protocols and systems, including databases, for expanding the contacts and communities associated with the organization’s mandate.
    • Identifying and engaging relevant professionals such as graphic designers for short term assignments.
    • Linking up with universities and appropriate platforms for attracting high quality interns.
  • Qualifications:
    • A passion for communications, knowledge processes, and advocacy on digital rights and global politics of development.
    • A Master’s degree in communications, media studies, English, or the social sciences.
    • 5+ years of professional experience in communications, public relations, journalism, or a related field.
    • Experience with digital marketing and audience engagement strategies.
    • Very high proficiency in academic and non-academic writing, editing, and proofreading skills.
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Demonstrated experience in using Canva (or other design software), MailChimp, WordPress, and other key communications tools.
  • Desirable:
    • Videography and video/podcast editing skills.
    • Experience in data journalism/visualization.
    • Oral/written fluency in Kannada/Hindi.

Interested candidates should apply to jobs-Senior-Communications-Associate@itforchange.net with a CV, a writing sample/communications portfolio. Remuneration will be commensurate with prior experience and qualifications.

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