Jaypee National Youth Parliament 2017 [April 22-23, Mohanpur, Guna, MP]: Applications Open


Jaypee National Youth Parliament 2017  is being organized on 22th & 23th April 2017 by the Jaypee Youth Concord.

Jaypee Youth Concord is responsible for holding MUN & Youth Parliament.

It is an imitated version of the Parliament of India and holds three simulated councils of  Lok- Sabha(lower house) and Rajya Sabha (Upper House).

The Jaypee Youth Concord aims to provide a platform for the youth to come forward and discuss , express and listen to different views on certain predominant political matters concerning growth and development of the nation.

It is a platform to instill in the Youth, the practice of advocating an Idea and making it a reality.

Where To Apply

Delegate Applications are open now.

To apply and know more about the Youth Parliament visit the event website link given here or contact the following:

Abhishek Nigam (President)
Phone: +91 8964940815
Email: abhishek98384@gmail.com

Navneet Khare (Core Coordinator, Media and Public Relations)
Phone: +91 7587500801
Email :navneet.khare97@gmail.com

Please visit the event website link given here.


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