Ivy League Model United Nations Conference 2018 [Bangalore, Nov 22-25]: Register by Oct 26: Expired


Over the past 5 years, ILMUNC India has brought quality debate, holistic experiences and engaging opportunities to the Indian Model UN circuit. As the nation’s preeminent Model United Nations conference, we combine a challenging and immersive weekend with the chance to meet India’s brightest minds, as well as to receive guidance, mentorship, and support from distinguished students of the University of Pennsylvania and its Wharton School of Business.

Traditions are a defining trait of the Indian culture and at ILMUNC India, we strive to preserve and build upon our own traditions with every iteration with our inspirational speakers, much-loved social events and our commitment to an unforgettable Model UN experience.

The theme for ILMUNC India this year will be ‘Non-State Actors and Their Role in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’. It is becoming increasingly important to acknowledge the influence that corporate, media organizations, lobbyists and other interest groups have in the sphere of international relations. Foreign policies of nations now reflect economic and security interests that are favored by home-grown conglomerates or powerful civil groups.


  • Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Agenda: Cyber War
  • Special Political and Decolonization
    Agenda: Foreign Intervention in Elections
  • United Nations Global Compact
    Agenda: Encouraging Environmental Responsibility
  • League of Nations
    Agenda: The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria
    The Spanish Civil War
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Agenda: Future of NATO-Iran Relations
    Deterring Russian Aggression in Europe
  • Mossad
  • Designated Survivor
  • Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

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  • The registration fee is given below:
    Delegate Fees: Rs. 23,500
  • Last Date for Registration: Oct 26
  • For registration, click here.


For any queries, email: info@ilmunc-india.com

For any further information, visit the website here. 

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