ITrix’19 Information Technology Symposium @ Anna University, Chennai [Jan 24-26]: Registrations Open

About ISTA

Information Science and Technology Association(ISTA) is one of the most vibrant and active associations of Anna University.

ISTA organizes its flagship event, ITrix, the inter college symposium to perfect which attracts thousands of participants from across the globe. ITrix has every ingredient of a successful symposium with fas-cinating, novel events and thought provoking workshops.

Technical Events
  1. Webtrix: Can you create wonders using tags and attributes? It takes great skills to design and build a website. Design in the front end and play tricks at the backend, here at Webtrix. Come test your web development skills and witness them getting rewarded.
  2. Source Code: Put your skills to test, because a source code is waiting for you to be analysed, to be mended and to reveal the hidden answer that you’ve been waiting for. It will be similar to treasure hunt but here the treasure (answer) is hidden inside the source codes of the given files.
  3. Hawk Eye: Well, come test your cryptography skills at Hawk’s eye where you would solve problems, decrypt the encrypted, decode the encoded and reveal the secrets.
  4. Beat the Bug: This event is intended to check the identifying the error and debugging skills of the participants.The participants have to debug the code to get the correct output.
  5. Decrypt: Can you convey a word to your team partner with only mere gestures and one word clues? Then this is the right event for you. Come and showcase your talent in exchange for cash. This is a duo event which consists of two rounds of increasing difficulty and exciting cash prizes for the winners who decrypts maximum number of words in a short span of time.
Non-Technical Events
  1. Innovate: This event focuses on how you innovate things to solve puzzles and also find inert results for case study we provide. Assemble here to stir your innovation skill to grab rewards.
  2. Master of Design: It is a designing event where creativity plays the major role. Guys get ready to kindle your creativity in ITRIX at the redesign event.
  3. Game of Words: It brings together questions testing your linguistic skills and vocabulary as well as includes questions related to novels and TV series. We guarantee you two rounds of complete fun and endless laughter! Do show up!
  4. Infinity War: You will be given various images and clues from which mind boggling questions will be asked. Solve all of them and become the king/queen of mysteries!
  5. Like You: This is a competition for all the budding photographers out there! The participants are given unique topics about which they need to capture pictures. Based on the photography skill, relevance to the topics and popularity in social media, winners will be selected. Submit your entries at eventsitrix@gmail.com on or before Jan 17th 2019 and grab chance to win cash prizes worth 5K.


    • Craftsmanship
    • Home Town Pride
    • IT Innovation
    • Celebrations
  1. Artificial Intelligence Workshop by Microsoft
  2. Networking Workshop by CISCO
  3. Blockchain Workshop by CrypC
  4. Ethical Hacking Workshop by Hacxygen
Important Dates

Jan 24-26, 2019


Raj kumar: +91 9597484564

For full details and registration, visit the official website by clicking here.

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