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Call for Proposals: Scientific Payloads on Sounding Rockets @ ISRO, Bangalore: Submit by Dec 31: Expired

Announcement of Opportunity for Sounding Rockets


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) of Department of Space (DOS), Government of India solicits proposals in response to this Announcement of Opportunity for scientific payloads on its Sounding Rockets.

ISRO is conducting Sounding Rocket launches periodically from its launching station at Thumba (TERLS – Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station), a place near the southern tip of India very close to Earth’s magnetic equator for atmospheric studies by launching probes to reach high altitude regions, which are inaccessible by balloons and satellites.

Research Avenues
  • Aerosol experiments
  • Middle atmospheric winds, temperature, and composition
  • Meteor smoke particle detection
  • Ionospheric electron density, irregularities, and ion composition
  • Plasma, solar and astrophysics
  • Airglow and electro glow of outer planets
  • Plasma bubble studies
  • Radio propagation studies
  • Vapor / Tri Methyl Aluminum (TMA) trail studies

The above-mentioned research avenues are suggestive but not exhaustive. Proposals with innovative ideas in the realms of atmospheric and space sciences, astronomy and astrophysics are solicited.

Sounding Rocket’s capabilities

The payload of a Sounding Rocket consists of the nose cone, payload cylinder, ejection and/or separation mechanism, mounting decks, avionics systems, and scientific instrument.

Several payload deployment mechanisms, including nosecone ejection, boom deployment, door ejection, and chemical release are available. The launch station has S-Band Telemetry Station and C-Band & S-Band tracking Radars with Real-Time Data Processing and data uplink system.

Purpose of this AO

Proposals are solicited from the National and International Scientific Community for innovative payloads for scientific experiments to study the middle and upper atmospheric regions.

  • Each proposal shall clearly identify a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Lead Funding Agency (LFA) for the proposed scientific instrument.
  • The proposals shall clearly spell out the experiments and the extent of participation from ISRO for the integration of the scientific instrument to the sounding rocket.
  • All proposals should be submitted through the respective space agencies/Institutions/Research Laboratories and must be signed by an official authorized to certify, support and sponsor of the investigation as well as the management and financial aspects, on behalf of the space agency/Institution/Research Laboratories.
  • The Proposal in both ‘word’ and ‘pdf’ formats are to be submitted by post and email to Director Space Science Programme Office, ISRO HQ, Antariksh Bhavan, New BEL Road, Bangalore-560 23,  Email: sr-ao@isro.gov.in
Selection process

ISRO will constitute a ‘Selection Committee’ to screen the proposals and select them based on scientific benefits and technical content. Proposers who satisfy the eligibility criteria and whose proposal is recommended for further consideration by the Selection Committee will be intimated by email.


Email ID: sr-ao@isro.gov.in

For further details, click here.


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