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Summer Internship @ The Red Cycle, Kerala [June 10 – July 20]: Register by May 15: Expired

About the organization:

The Red Cycle is a Volunteer Based Organisation (VBO) that aims to address various facets of menstruation by knowledge-sharing and action.
Through online forums and offline sessions, The Red Cycle has been challenging the taboos, social stigma and misconceptions associated with menstruation and focuses on educating people on the biological process and menstrual hygiene management.

Type of internship:

Fact Finding and Survey:
The interns are required to scour local areas in Kerala for the issues specific to the area.
Evidence in terms of multimedia or survey responses is to be collected, compiled and analysed by the intern so as to derive meaningful facts from the study. This exercise would help the intern learn data collection and analysis.
Legal Team:
This is an opportunity for law students to gain hands-on experience in legal work applied to non-conventional contexts.
The work of Legal team involves drafting legal statements to be published on behalf of the organization and also to look into any legal discourse that may arise from time to time which may include filing RTI, PIL, drafting of legal documents etc.
The intern would also enjoy the added benefit of being guided by an active team of legal experts.
Content Writing and Graphic Designing:
If you have your way with creative expressions and on the lookout for applying it to things that matter, The Red Cycle invites you to collaborate with them.
Creative content in the form of writing, art, photo/videography or even website design will be appreciated.
The intern will gain relevant experience in managing social media handles and digital marketing. Selected interns would be presented with the opportunity to shadow and document the team as it travels within and outside Kerala for sessions.
The major feat the organization has achieved is through the number of sessions conducted around the issue of menstruation.
While all interns will accompany the team as they travel within Kerala to conduct sessions on menstruation, only selected few will be presented the opportunity to attend sessions outside Kerala.
This experience will enable interns to expose interns to the nuances of handling an awareness session and enable them to learn on the go as they wear the hat of a speaker/helper/observers.
The interns will be assigned with the task to document, design and publish our previous works. This will help the interns in getting adept at preparing/publishing reports and presentations.
Note: The interns would be given an orientation session by experts in each of the above mentioned categories.


The place of Internship is Kozhikode, Kerala. The interns are to arrange their own accommodation.

Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
Who can apply?

The Red Cycle welcomes and encourages internship applications from students pursuing Medicine, Law, Social Work and Visual or Mass Communication courses.
Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have exhibited an interest in human rights, social and legal issues, and an eagerness to interact, learn and teach, for example by their voluntary work or activism on relevant causes.

Duration of internship:

The Red Cycle’s internship programme is open from 10th June to 20th July. Candidates may apply for 4 weeks/30 days between this period.

Last date to apply:

15th May 2019


The Red Cycle, C/O Arjun S. Unnikrishnan, ‘Sethu Mandir’, Chulliyode road, Civil Station PO, Kozhikode 673020, Kerala, India.

Important links:

For rules and applications, click here.
The website links is here.
The facebook link is here.
The Red Cycle Internship

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