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Internship Opportunity: Line Editor at AFPR, Lucknow: Applications Open

By: Aprajita Karki | 31 Jan 2020 5:46 PM


Adhyayan Foundation for Policy & Research (AFPR) is an independent think tank dedicated to producing quality research to help in the formulation, assessment, and implementation of public policies. It strives towards bridging the gap in policymaking for the wholesome growth and development of our country.

We aim at guiding discourse to make better laws and improve governance for the public good. We are committed to producing legal research of the highest standard to inform public debate and contribute to improved governance.


Published from Lucknow, The Democratic Line is a monthly journal issued under the name of AFPRG, a policy think tank (registration- NPC [section 8] Companies Act) “INSPIRE AND ASPIRE”

The distinctive feature of The Democratic Line is to bring together the academicians, researchers, policymakers, lawyers, experts and activists coming from different fields to debate and discuss various social science disciplines (Political Studies, Legal Studies, Economic Studies, International Relations) and bring in a unique platform for both knowledge and opportunity. It builds a bridge between the giver and the seeker.

Adhyayan is coming out with the second edition of “The Democratic Line” which will exclusively be based on the “North- East India” exploring various political, social, geopolitical and geographical aspects of the region. North-Eastern India is an
an integral part of the nation which is strategically and geopolitically most important to the nation.


The Democratic Line is looking for line-editors to review the entries. The period of internship shall extend up to 3 months and there is a future prospect of getting appointed for the role of the same that shall include remuneration as well.

The job profile shall require to work remotely and the assignments shall include review and editing of entries. The line editors shall also write book reviews for every edition.


Minimum Eligibility criteria require the applicant to be a student of Journalism/Mass Communication/English (Hons). Good Command over language is must, good editing skills. Prior experience is appreciated.


The internship would be remote in nature and all correspondence with the interns shall be made through emails. The localities from Lucknow will be preferred if they devote 2 days a week in the office.


The internship shall span over a period of three months. The work commitment for the selected candidates would be in between ten to twelve hours every week.


  1. A certificate of experience shall be provided.
  2. The internship does not include stipend at the initial stage.
  3. The opportunity of more permanent nature with remuneration is to be considered depending upon the work.


E-mail: afpr.office[at]gmail.com

Phone no-(+91) 7053556003 ; 7991952862

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