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Internship Experience of a Mechanical Engineering Student at TATA Motors, Jamshedpur: Worked in the cab-fitment section, had a tour of the plant

This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition 2019.

Name, Course, College, Year

Vishal,  B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (2013-2017), Aditya College of Engineering and Technology.

How I applied for Internship at TATA Motors

Well, it was a learning time for me when I used to attend most of the classes, especially in automobile and machine theory lectures. Then time passed from 2013 to 2016, I and most of my classmates decided to do an internship in some Industries.

One industry, Vizag Steel plant was approximately 360 km away from our college. The procedure to avail internship was difficult but not impossible. So some of my friends went there and I decided to stay in the hostel. But guess what! I had some other plan. Because I was interested in automobiles, I wanted to go to TATA Motors.

At that time my father was working in ESIC hospital in Jamshedpur as a contractual basis in the department of Electricals. Back in 2014 my father had retired from HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation), Ranchi. So he was working in 2016 in ESIC and it was the last year of his contract job. Luckily I was ready to do an internship in Jamshedpur in that same year, so I asked my father about the intern thing. As he had many contacts and links there, so I got the call immediately.

I got some documents and formalities from my HOD for the internship in TATA motors. But you know, ‘even air also has ears’. Immediately, one friend from Nepal was roaming in the college office and then he heard the rumour and started begging me to take him with me. Suddenly my roommates also got the news and then the entire floor of my hostel.

Actually, TATA Company is one of the prestigious companies in the world and everyone dying to intern there. Honestly speaking, our college is a private college and it has very less exposure or has zero exposure to any companies. That’s why everyone requested me.

I took all the documents from my friends because they were my friends and I had to help them. But my father was not sure whether he could get them placed in that company because he was indirectly working with that company. So he talked to some officers who visited ESIC and then asked me to bring one friend along with me with his documents. So I carried 10 friends’ documents and brought one Nepali friend with me (by the way his name is ‘Saurav’).

We booked separate tickets for Jamshedpur of 20th April, 2016 and we started our journey from Surampalem station. I remember that season was freaking hot! After reaching, we settled at my father’s rented room. We went to ESIC office to get official stamp on our paper, then some important recommendation from a senior officer and then got the stamp.

I must say it was the most difficult task that I had faced. Actually, a company like TATA prefers only IITians or NITians. Our college was nowhere near to them. But thanks to my father’s effort and his contacts, our documents were accepted by the HR of TATA Motors.

Only I and Saurav were got selected for a one-month duration and the journey started.

First Day Formalities

We joined the company on 4th May 2016. We were allotted in the ‘fitment of cab and cowl in Prima Trim line’. We were given the necessary gate passes. During the first visit, I was shocked and said ‘wow’ because of the lush green area and big infrastructure.

They follow strict security protocols. If you backpack then you have to pass through the scanner. It was, by the way, remarkable technology I have ever seen in any big corporate. Then we headed to cab and cowl fitment department and it was 0.4 km away from the gate and each building was divided into separate departments and was very big.

Here’s a casual pic during entering of the gate.

TAta Motors internship

Main Tasks

My friend Saurav met the chief of that department and we were formally welcomed as an intern. His name was Err Abhishek, chief engineer of prima trimline. Along with, we were formally introduced to some assistant engineer and supervisor. But in my observation, the assistant seemed to be very rude. Anyway, we then given work in the cab fitment section.

We were asked to make a project on ‘work instruction sheet’ (WIS) in that cab section. In that section, the truck’s cabins were fitted. The section consists of 14 stations. Each station consists of fitting groups of technician which do their assembly and fitment in the line of each station.

For example, at station one, the rear glass is fitted, then at station two the grommets (rubber plugs) and antennas were fitted. And it continues till station 14 where all the components of truck cabins like dashboard assembly, door addon assembly, electrical EHT wiring, etc were fixed.

It took 23 days to complete the project of only one single line. We had a great experience there and we also made friends with the supervisor. Sometimes, it was a good day and some days it was pathetic. If I say about the management it was very bad (‘don’t tell anyone’). Actually, they don’t pay enough salary to their workers and also their officers design their work structure in such a way that none of the workers gets time to think to sleep during their break.

Well, after 23 days we completed the project on ‘work instruction sheet’. And we had only 7 days in hand to see the rest of the industry. Then we made a plan. Next day we came in the morning around 7:30 am from the lodge as usual via TATA bus. We showed our faces to the supervisor because we were only given passes for the one department so we sneaked to another plant.

First, we went to Engine manufacturing plant where all models of truck’s engines were assembled. After entering the hall it was equipped with full air conditioning, it was given maybe to prevent foreign particles from entering. It was really a remarkable scene for every engineer to watch the assemblies. The engine department was divided into many sections. You will be blown away watching it getting fully transformed, as like as human ‘heart’.

The blockhead, crank head, piston, cylinder, the radiative heat exchanger, etc made us get goosebumps. I can tell a lot about it but I am lost for words. We were also scared of the officers there because we had no pass and we were not authorized. Slowly and steadily, we went to the differential gear plant and saw how the actual working of the actual gears. In differential gear system, the transmission is done through gears. It includes all types of spur gears, bevel gears, worm gear and was shocked to imagine how complex gearing system is mechanized.

It is the gear which makes the entire vehicles run. Because the engine is coupled by transmission gear system which itself assembled by very complicated gear system. Well, I was very happy and blown away by such inspiring machines. Then on another day again we showed our faces in ‘cab fitment’ department and again we sneaked to the painting department.

In this, cameras were not allowed, but we saw the extreme working of robots which were working on CNC (computer numerical controls). Usually a series of codes are given to the computer and then the robot does the painting. Then again on the next day, we visited axial and skeleton bed of truck’s department where all the necessary fitment and skeleton are assembled and finally complete assembled trucks are made.

Here the particular trucks are given brand names and model numbers. It was a fantastic journey to see how a complete Tata trucks are
made. Finally on 3rd of June, 2016 we were caught by one of the supervisor of ‘cab fitment’ department. And of course, we had no words to say. He asked where you both were? Then we said “Sir! Project done!” That situation really made me laugh but I kept control of myself. My friend Saurav made the discussion smooth and we slowly convinced that we were just doing our project (by keeping my smiling face down).

After that, we went into the cabin and we made a report with acknowledgement which took nearly one whole day to complete. Our department chief was very happy and we went the next day to take certificates and went to our college with a very beautiful experience.


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