Internship Experience of a B.Tech Student @ L&T Hydrocarbon Engg., Vadodara: Worked on a refinery project based in Abu Dhabi

By: Usha | 25 Aug 2019 8:45 AM

This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition 2019.

Name, College, Course, Year

Anonymous, B.Tech Construction Management, Chennai


L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, Vadodara


1st June 2018 to 30th June 2018.

How I applied

Having my cousin working as an employee was an advantage which helped me gain an opportunity to pursue my Internship.

First Day Experience

Talking about my 1st day of internship, I was initially anxious since I wasn’t exposed to a similar work environment,  the HR Manager’s warm welcome in the form of an introductory session, served as an icebreaking session as well made us (the other interns) know each other in the process.

Main Tasks

As an intern in the Engineering Management department, I was working under senior civil engineers on a refinery project based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Initially, I was asked to read the construction drawings which helped me interpret the various elements of the project. I then studied the Geotechnical Report which helped me understand the soil conditions upon which the structure is built.

It also helped me know more in detail about the tests conducted on soil in accordance with the various standards, in order to understand its properties better. I was also given the task of calculating the work quantities of the various buildings in the project, thus helping me understand the various terminologies involved in the finishing work of a building. Having pursuing my Masters in Construction Management, I was told about the concept of Risk Analysis and its importance in the construction industry.

Apart from the aforementioned tasks, I was also given a brief up about contract management, which included the types of contracts, the conditions of a contract and situations in which a certain type of contract is implemented.  During the end of my Internship period, I was asked to submit a report on what I learnt and a presentation as well of the same to the concerned Head of the Department.


In reference to the Infrastructure of the campus, it is worth admiring. Consisting of glass clad buildings, the campus called “L&T Knowledge City”, which skirts along the National Highway, houses the offices of “L&T Chiyoda”, “L&T Sargent and Lundy” and “L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering”. In addition to the offices, the campus also accommodates a library (Interns can browse the periodicals and books) and 2 Training Institutes namely, L&T Institute of Project Management (IPM) and Power Training Institute (PTI).

Interns interested in pursuing any additional courses may approach the PTI and pursue them for a fee.

Good things

Talking about the work culture of the company, I got a glimpse of the corporate world where I was kept preoccupied throughout my Internship as I learnt a lot and improved my skills as well in a few segments of civil engineering as well. Initially I found it a bit challenging but later acclimatized to the pace of working as time passed. 

In the end, I appreciate my cousins endeavour to get me an Internship opportunity at India’s most respected companies as it helped me in numerous ways to gain knowledge.

Bad things

I would like to highlight the long haul working hours on a computer as it left me exhausted in the process since I wasn’t habituated to the sitting for a long duration in front of a screen, but later adapted to it as well (There weren’t any site visits since the projects are based in either the Middle East or Africa).

Lessons Leant

As a concluding note, I would advise students trying to bag internships to not limit their search to only reputed private firms, International firms and government ones (since they’re blinded by the misconception that it adds value to their resume), but also try approaching local firms in order to expand their horizon.                                          

Accommodation and Commute

Being from the southern part of the country, it felt like being in an alien land but it didn’t take much time to adapt to the new environment. I found it tough as I was staying as a Paying Guest in a 2 BHK Apartment close to the office and highway as well, which was taken care of by my cousin while I would travel daily by means of an Auto and had to order food almost daily.



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